The Best (Blog) Writer?

My vote (as of this minute) goes to Hemlock in Hong Kong.

He is just




Strolling past the pub in Lan Kwai Fong in the late afternoon, I spot a meeting of the Hong Kong Association of Gwailos Married to Southeast Asian Women of Humble Origins. Wild American friend Odell is there, his two-syllable name adding a touch of class to the mainly British congregation of Daves, Johns, Dougs and Jacks. They invite me to buy a round of drinks (or ‘join them’, as they put it) and I accept in gleeful, morbid anticipation of tales of self-inflicted suffering.
One of the Johns takes me to one side. I’m single aren’t I? His wife has a friend who’s a lovely girl. Wouldn’t I like to meet her? An alarm bell goes off in my head. A millstone is in search of a neck. I decline. He will later tell people he thinks I’m gay.

Etc... "(or 'join them', as they put it)"... Fuck he's good. Cheers me up a right treat everytime.

In another snippett, H of HK has left his HSBC bank ID gizmo (see his blog entry) at home:

Fortunately, two 19th Century inventions – the telephone and the domestic servant – come to the rescue... Obviously, we’re supposed to give these contraptions to our maids to look after. Why didn’t HSBC make that clearer when they issued the devices?

You just can't fault it... I wonder is he is getting paid to write anywhere real (i.e. on paper)?



Posted by: expat@large on Aug 02, 05 | 10:39 pm | Profile


Iloved his last line about there were more folks who were married and wished they weren't than those that were not and wished they had. I can relate to that.......

Posted by: Skippy-san on Aug 03, 05 | 3:37 am

Not actually his best posts to quote from, but I was bit tipsy. He dissects HK politics very astutely too if you know who he is referring to...

Posted by: expat@large on Aug 03, 05 | 8:11 am

My suspicions are that he is Stuart Wolfendale.

Posted by: HKMacs on Aug 07, 05 | 1:58 pm

Just researched and read some of Wolfie's stuff. I never read the Standard whilst in HK.

And I would STRONGLY suspect that you are right.

Beautiful command of English.

Posted by: expat@large on Aug 07, 05 | 2:50 pm


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