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SeXBBM (Singapore Expat Bloggers Branch Meeting)

When Mr Brown turned and asked him at Singapore blogger con recently, "What about the Expat blogger community in Singapore, E@L?" as he has said, he stoungled and blurffed out a totally poofty reply...

And after the disappointing fizzle of the Blogger.th meeting in Bangkok with Dick Headley a no-show as he was getting lost on a sea of beers at his hotel while E@L struggled through a lonely non-alcoholic chicken masaman curry (sigh!), E@L decided to give this "getting away from the freaking computer and actually meeting people" thing another go.

So tonight, as in LAST night, the inaugural meeting of The Singapore Expat Bloggers Branch Meeting , well um, met. Fortunately no quorum was attained, just the two of us, so no one had to take minutes.

E@L took up MercerMachine's offer of free drinks at Hideout - quite a nice little place, if exceptionally well-hidden (E@L walked past it three [3] times) - and celebrated his moving to a new job away from the HFC - where E@L actually works as well (when in Singapore) - and you can tell by his syntax that those drinks were copious and indeed courtesy of the Magnanimous Mr MM despite E@L not knowing a shit-load of trivia about Texas after all...

And E@L was careful not to touch anything HE touched - no further Monty's Revenge for E@L after his own dodgy belly in Pattaya last weeked.

Incredible points of synchronicity and convergance: we both had read Lawrence Block's Telling Lies For Fun and Profit about how to write genre fiction. We both were sitting at the very same bar! We were both male bloggers. We got on well (i.e. he laughed politely at my jokes.) We both knew who Stevie Ray Vaughan was (and that he was from Texas!)

And as promised - a screen-grab from a certain Japanese company's website...


A pleasant evening.

Must meet some more of these human being creatures again at some stage. Must get out more.

p.s. The staff at Hideout were very friendly as well.



Posted by: expat@large on Jul 30, 05 | 2:24 am | Profile


Was your dodgy belly caused by curry?

I was awakened by a very bad case of explosive diarrhoea at 3 AM this morning, which I suspect was caused by a combination of spicy curry with creamy milkshake:

fish head curry + milkshake = hot chocolate fudge

Posted by: chlim01 on Jul 31, 05 | 12:23 am

That's so GROSS!!?!? I will have to talk to the management to see if such gross out shit is allowed on this sophisticated and classy blog!

My dodgy belly was I think caused the ice I put in my chardonnay. But who knows, it could have been the oyster pancake at the Ramathibody Hospital cafeteria?

Posted by: expat@large on Jul 31, 05 | 2:10 am


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