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Golf Trauma - lying in fetal position not talking, drooling, thumping head rhythmically

The first time E@L played golf, as in all 18 holes and keeping score, was about 25 years ago in Torquay, Victoria. Quite a long tough course, lots of sand traps, with a Par of 73. E@L scored 113; not bad for a total beginner, eh?

Yesterday at the Siam Country Club, just outside Pattaya in Thailand, E@L remembers a tree. One particular tree, to left of the fairway on the 16th hole. It was a small enough tree, but somehow it had an aura of majesty about it. Proud of its branches, honest about it leaves, it was a great tree.

E@L remembers this one tree because it was the only tree on the entire course he didn't slam his ball into, or which didn't restrict his backswing or follow through, or which didn't throw a root out to trip him over, catch his ball in its hollow or shower obscuring leaves over an otherwise fine shot. The Fellowship of the Forest had it in for him yesterday.

Score check? You guessed it. 25 years of hard practice and dedication, not to mention shitloads of money on lessons and clubs, have finally paid off.



On the very first hole he was staring down the face of double figures. Then he sank a 20 foot putt across a tricky slope to came in with (only) a 9. Feeling somewhat relieved, somewhat pissed off, as he climbed into to the golf-cart he cracked his thick skull on the roof. Ow! Good day coming up? Not!



Posted by: expat@large on Jul 25, 05 | 2:24 am | Profile


So I guess there were no mulligan's in this round. Don't feel bad I played Muang Kaew (sp?) and shot a 100......Could have somthing to do with the rain, the heat or my caddie's incredibly nice ass.....not sure which. However I am going back!

Posted by: Skippy-san on Jul 25, 05 | 2:14 pm

In Malaysia as my usual course (Palm Villa Resort) I usually go round in the mid-nineties. 18 - 20 extra strokes for this corse, including three lost balls, two just in light rough mysteriously disappeared... I blame the Tree Folk...

Posted by: expat@large on Jul 25, 05 | 7:29 pm


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