Dinner - London

E@L gathered all his favorite goodies - red onions, red capsicum, red chili, eggplant, chicken, green leafy stuff, fresh garlic, fresh ginger, spring oinion, fresh coriander (root, stem and leaves), lemon grass, lime zest, some cashew huts, coriander powder, cumin powder, chili powder, a touch of tumeric, an extra spoon of sambal olek - for the old family favorite, his one and only South-East Asian Curry (note the cucumber, his secret [Burmese style?] ingredient):


He poured himself a glass of his favorite after-work syrupy-frozen vodka for a V&T (the Oyster Brand nam pla was not for his drink!) to dull the pain because:


he had risked life and limb to slice, dice, mortar and pestle his own Thai curry paste like a true professional (note the nicks on the index and third finger-nails and the hefty section out of the top of the ring-finger nail from last night doing the same meal):


so he wokked the curry paste and the early fry stuff in hot oil all together, splashed some nam pla (Thai fish sauce) and lemon juice (the limes were too tiny):


added the cucumber and eggplant, poured in a cup of coconut milk to boost the calorie content off the planet, and let it stew under the cover on low for 12-15 minutes. Then he sloshed in some more lemon juice, more nam pla (when in doubt, use more nam pla), added the late vegetables - cashews, bok choi and fresh basil leaves (no point in adding basil early, the flavor will dissipate) - gave it another 5 minutes and poured it onto some dried noodles and dressed it with some more torn basil leaves:


then he sat down in front of the telly with the last of that V&T and maybe a cleansing cuerveza or two for a smashing meal:


only to find a bunch of total fucking prick terrorist bastards had been bombing the London Underground! The shits! Certainly not the greatest of the damage was ruining E@L's fucking good meal vibe totally with yet another unpalatable religiously motivated insult to humanity.

Roll on the days of enlightened secular humanism... The days when we can appreciate finally the moral evolution of man; that growth of the sense of good in us towards which the universe has been leading through its subtle ways of adaption and abberation; that has its origin in the genetic basis for co-operation and altruism which, certainly E@L admits in the guise of religious belief in many of its manifestations, has led us out of the darkness of our selfish, destructive beginnings (Nat would say it's Game Theory - I say it's Fashion)... but into which some, by clutching irrational straws of their continuing perverted notions of Divine justification, are trying to drag us back.


Caption on the Beeb: ...ouble-decker bus in central London

E@L immediately rang his father-out-law and ascertained that The X was safely in Surrey at the time.

He has been around those areas of London a few times, has visited King's College Hospital, which is just near one of the blast sites apparently.

It felt, he said to Tony, like the other boot has finally dropped.



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