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Talking with a guy who genuinely has a buddy in the R&D department of a LARGE 4-letter Japanese electronics company. E@L won't say which division (like he can remember!) He says the guy told him that this company spends more time and money designing fragile and delicate electronic parts that will fry themselves after 12 months (or whatever, just after warranty) and render the product useless than they do on any other aspect of research. We said it should be the IO department - that's Inbuilt Obsolescence troopers, finding its home in the digital age.

Fashion accessories of fashion accessories, all is fashion accessories.

Some myths, though urban, are true.


Fashion is not of course about looking good. Good looks are eternal, independant of the apparel, it is the expensive drapery which is ephemeral. It is about being aware. It's about signing into the elite as being with it and rich enough to be able to keep up with it.

Trends are about being trendy.

It is all about creating criteria to discriminate for mate selection. It is all peacocks' feathers.


Speaking of target demographics, E@L, as some may be aware, has certain mythopoeic features. He is a Jungian Archetype, a Cambellian Hero, a Wagnerian God. In a sense. Sorta.

His protuberant pre-abdominal lipidity, his re-emergent temporal epidermis, his pasty complexion, his loose shirt, floppy boardshorts and sandals can create a vivid first impression on a Tuesday evening on Orchard Rd.

He really does look the typical expat - a bigoted, culturally unreceptive sex-tourist, an alcoholic ne'er-do-well - raising the hackles and silent snide remarks from a thousand Gucci'd, Prada'd, California-Fitnessed passers-by. People like you. Don't deny it. E@L sees it in your eyes everyday. You classify, pre-judge, pigeon-hole, stereotype him.

However, you're not selling anything that he could possbily need or want, or would fit him. So after that first impression you ignore him. He's so used to that. The contemptuous once up and down; the casual dismissal of him as someone who has let himself go, has no self-control, no self-esteem; the fervent wish not to speak to him.

But not everyone. Not tonight. Not on Orchard Rd.

As E@L walked past the Duck & Hippo and the huge WELCOME TO SINGAPORE sign at the tourist information centre, a short, mature lady caught sight of him. E@L was passing between a group of people taking photographs of their friends (in front of the Duck&Hippo! WTF?) when he also caught sight of her, aiming her predatory glance in his direction. He saw her burst from her position by the corner and aim her quick pace to a point of intersection with him several yards ahead. Out of the corner of his eye he saw the smiling mamasan's approach, he upped his speed and automatically raised his hand in a gesture of rebuttal, even before the words came from her mouth:

"Young girl for you tonight?" she called over the crowd... They looked to where she was speaking. E@L had gone.

Get me out of here, he thought.

Target Demographic.



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