Office View (as promised) -- More Thoughts

I said I'd show you the view - here's me working hard!


The perspicacious amongst you will note:

a) excellent typing position for hands
b) eyes closed
c) laptop in sleep mode
d) big ship
e) cable-car
f) tangle of cables on desk
g) no obvious weight loss
h) exacerbated hair loss
i) need for a hair-cut on what's left
j) Sentosa Island nearly hidden behind d)
k) empty Palm Pilot cradle - what a freaking waste of money that was...
l) suntan


From an email:

I have been striving to put some emotional depth into some of my blog writing - so much is trivial and jokey - that's its charm some say - but the only way to understand one's life is to revisit those key occurances and issues, to place them in a context, give them a narrative drive, fill in the blanks, rearrange things a bit - for the world as it comes at you doesn't necessarily flow in a sensible or naturally storylike way, to make it into stories, to make fact into fiction, to make it TRUE in a timeless universal way that reality doesn't give, though it may not be the way it happened or what you EXACTLY felt or thought or what was said and by whom - well, you can't really know that anymore because your memories have already created a neuronal path for your story, reinforced with each recalling, so when you are converting that glial-based story into words, the meanings of the words fight to take control - they refer you to something else and so you digress and the path is lost, but no, a new path is there, leading not to where you had thought you were going, but to somewhere that might be as nice, that might be better, somewhere different and new and so you go there...

Maybe I say some things. Maybe I mean other things. Don't get too caught up in that battle - it's the mood that I want to convey. Questioning, concerned, uncertain. Not a burnt-out case yet!



Posted by: expat@large on Apr 13, 05 | 1:36 pm | Profile


To heck with Sentosa, if you are that close to the ferry you can make an evening jaunt over to Bintan for 18 holes of golf and a full service massage!

Posted by: Skippy-san on Apr 13, 05 | 2:43 pm

18 holes after work? Do they have night golf in Bintan?

Posted by: expat@large on Apr 13, 05 | 2:51 pm

Looks like my new user name and password are working, and isn't that one of those Star Gambling Cruises in the background?

Posted by: friskoDude on Apr 14, 05 | 7:45 am

I had just assumed you could take a long lunch.......

How about some night putting then? Night putting with an Indonesian textile worker looking to "augment her lifestyle?"

Posted by: Skippy-san on Apr 14, 05 | 7:50 am

Frisko, welcome back. Yeah, that's the Star Something floating casino and brothel... More Russian working girls than Mongkok.

Never got the gambling bug.
Never smoked (well, never exhaled).
Never... well, not in Mongkok anyway.
Have other vices - like golf.

Skip, all the textile jobs have gone to China, every-one knows that.

Lunch is a luxury for us work-focused S'poreans green carders. Produce! Shop! Conform!

Also I only have about 5 free pages left in my passport - and the Single Entry Visas to Bintain take up a whole freaking page! Soon we have a conference to attend there - five days! That is going to overload my passport, so I have to go easy on the Indo based recreation - golf, whatever. Malaysia is easier, just a small stamp - on the passport I mean.


Posted by: expat@large on Apr 14, 05 | 8:08 am

Thought that d might have been your new luxury yacht.

Posted by: The Bludger on Apr 17, 05 | 4:31 pm

Ho ho, NtG... You must have confused my telephone number with my salary package!

Posted by: expat@large on Apr 17, 05 | 8:18 pm


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