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OK Time To Move On

Everyone hates my logging in procedure here, even me, with PMachine. So, after the ticker clicked over 600,000 hits, I'm taking everybody's advice for once in my life and shifting ALL new posts over to Blogger. Despite all my barking about the iDiocy of popular products lines, in the last year or so I've got myself an iPod, and iPhone, and an iMac... I may as well sink completely into the morass of mass-consumption mediocrity and do it the simple way. The new name is:


As I'm paying $6 a month for THIS site, I expect it'll be here for a long time yet for those who wish to browse the most excellent archives. I might even put them together into a PDF for downloading at some stage. (Why do I say these things?!) If I could find a way to send over the old posts to Blogger, I would, but, hey it's nearly dinner time and I've hardly left my room all day as it is...

OK - so GO HERE from now on. Redirect your links, update your RSS feeds, do whatever you feel necessary to stay in contact. Email is the same.

Again, from now on it'll be happening here...


Also, there'll be a period, no doubt a long period, where I tweak all the colours and fonts and images, as well as my ideas and opinions, until they fit.

It's been a ride. See you all there.



Posted by: expat@large on Oct 04, 08 | 6:45 pm | Profile


Get a host and use Wordpress-its great.

Posted by: Skippy-san on Oct 06, 08 | 11:13 am


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