The Quality Of Specialists

Just gotta say... I went this evening to a fancyish Spa/Massage place for a deep muscle Thai massage, fuck the money, forget the extra service, just work me over baby...

I was walking on rock steps, following a beautfully dressed, gorgeous (100% female) REALLY STRONG massuese into my plush room past tinkling water sounds, relaxing music, soft colours, silks, aroma oils, a wonderful gestalt of sensual delights... 90 minutes as good a workout as my osteopath (Paul the Philippinno), for 25% of what he charges (plus he's not gorgeous. Cute, but not gorgeous).

Got a bloody high quality manicure and pedicure done as well while I was at it. By crikey you can tell the difference between a psuedo-massage of the "what you name, lere you flom, you wann exla serbice?" variety and the real thing... AND the quality of the nail care at these places is superb. (Only bleeding from the remnants of a few cuticles.)

There is a reliablity of quality that only dedicated experts can truly deliver.

I kept this philosophy in mind as I turned off Soi 8 for some specialist treatment elsewhere...



Posted by: expat@large on Sep 09, 08 | 1:22 am | Profile


While here I sit having to stay late as the "lock up man" making sure the fate of the free world is not compromised by some moron.

This was the last thing I need to read about was you walking among Soi-8.

I mean its not like I can say, "buy me a BJ and bring it back for me..."-now can I?

That's a rhetorical question by the way........

Posted by: Skippy-san on Sep 09, 08 | 7:14 am

Happy ending?

Posted by: Creepy on Sep 09, 08 | 10:31 am

When I drink water I drink water, when I see a whiskey specialist I get drunk very fast...

"Exla serbice" = happy ending.

Unlike last time in Phuket, massage was crap but exla serbice was excellent (a specialist!). This time, I wanted an excellent massage, so went to massage specialist...

Down Soi 8 "bj serbice" orso excellent, as Skippy-san seems to know! See a specialist if you want the job done right is all I'm saying.

Posted by: expat@large on Sep 09, 08 | 8:36 pm

I went to have a traditional massage in Cambodia a few years ago. It was in a typical concrete South East Asian building, seemed like I was going to be mugged or abducted. But it turn out to be great and also thorough. It was actually sort of a charity business set up to teach the traditional skill to the locals to earn a livelihood. The woman was tiny but she beat the shit out of me, I felt great hiking the next day though. She was a professional and did not even leave me wheelchair bond after walking down my spine.

Posted by: sino man on Sep 09, 08 | 8:38 pm

This was the toughest Thai massage I've ever had in Thailand (and man I've had a few!).

It ranks with one a serious little girl gave me in Geylang (Singapore) once, she pulled me backwards up onto her knees, nearly dislocated my sacro-iliacs and every south! (and no, no r&t in the public room either). I went there with ProjectBetterman (see blogroll)...

Posted by: expat@large on Sep 09, 08 | 8:46 pm


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