iNteresting iMac oBservation / OneNote Is Excellent

I still can't comment on my blog from my iMac...


But if I unplug the network cable from the iMac, plug it into the PC, turn everything on and off a few times, I CAN comment from the PC. Same modem, same cable, same freaking desk.

I'll have to go back to wifi with the iMac later. I changed it to the the cable-router last week because the wifi signal was dropping out last week. I need a stronger wireless router, one that will punch through this bedroom wall. It won't reach Izzy's bedroom either.


Question that I keep asking myself - why did I buy this thing? Ah yes, the kick arse monitor.


I really would appreciate a Mac program like MS OneNote for drafting blogs, writing novels and short-stories, etc on the iMac. (I can POST in the iMac, I just can't comment.) OneNote is the mostest brilliantest program I've used for a while. If you cut and paste (or just drag!) from webpage, it takes the URL across as well so you can always tell where you got the text or picture or whatever from.

It allows you to give titles for all of your Notebooks, for your sections withing each notebook and for the individual pages in each section. For example, I have a BlogDrafts Notebook, which has sections for each country or major topic I whinge about a lot, and then there is a named page for each of the drafted entries. Everything is there for me to find, no hassle.

It has full Word spell-checking and formatting control, plus the drag/link funtionality and a freeform page layout. Just start typing anywhere...

The closest I've found is called CopyWrite, which I think is designed for scriptwriters. It has subsections (though you can't edit their titles) and a pull-out notes panel. Its main claim to fame is that is does a cool minimalistic limegreen text on a blank full-screen to emulate an old PC workstation for, like, serious typing people from the '70s... I haven't used it much, well not enough to really test it, though I know it doesn't accept a dragged photo from the web, as such, only putting in a text hotlink.

It's not a real research and freeform drafting tool, the way OneNote is.

I note with a sigh of disappointment that not only does Office2008 (Mac) not have OneNote, is also has same the old-fashioned look of Office2003 (PC), whereas Office2007 (PC) has a totally updated, different look, not better necessarily, but not necessarily worse either, just different.



Posted by: expat@large on Aug 12, 08 | 12:51 am | Profile


I love OneNote...has to be the most useful application ever written.

Posted by: Indiana on Aug 13, 08 | 10:44 am

OK, today I can comment... I've no idea what's going on here...

Posted by: expat@large on Aug 20, 08 | 9:44 am


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