Busy Getting Well

Still alive, don't panic.

I took a few days off last week as I had a lot of podiatrist, physiotherapist and osteopath visits. I'm getting really pushed around by these guys. The podiatrist is doing all sorts of weird things with my inner sole that is throwing me into a strange dysbalanced gait. No change to my outer soul though.

The osteopath is trying to give me more calf and hamstring flexibilty and to reduce the cannonball tightness in my gastrocs. Man where do you develop that thumb power? YEOW! He can push!

The physio has given me some stretches and some massage for my knees which have been losing power as I haven't been exercising (hardly even walking) these last 6 months - the kneecaps are clicking and sliding around due to the old imbalance of the pull of the ITB and vastus lateralus against the weakening vastus medialus. Some of those gluteus medius exercises are quite suggestive and I hope Izzy doesn't walk in when I'm doing them (naked).

This part has been the most successful thus far. Already I am going downstairs easier without the locking of the right knee (medial meniscus tear and arthroscopy 18 months ago, remember?) and threat of instability I have been having lately.

I also have bought a yoga mat on which I can do my stretches in the privacy of the apartment rather than in the gym.

AND I have been swimming 20 -30 mins everyday and doing my gym and stretches 3 out 4 days.

Shit, any minute now I might hit an endorphin zone and then... kiddos, you better look out!

As life should be kept in balance, I have been tempering this healthy stuff with a fairly heavy schedule of social (i.e. drinking) engagements - hardly been home in the evenings, hence the dearth of posts. Result - no change in the reading of the old avoirdupois.

How to keep up the excercise and swimming side of this equation when I start travelling again is the question...


People have been commenting last week on the blog, and bugger me to Blighty, but I can't get on to add my own comments. Sorry guys, I am not ignoring you, I swear. I swear to the Demiurge! I am on the verge of just going to Blogger. I already have "expatatlarge.blogspot" so why the fuck not? The other software, B2B, also looks a tad problematic, and I just haven't had computer time to get things started, like porting my template across.

That commenting problem also applies to people who have the same log-on issues and have asked me to put up comments for them - sorry peoples, even I can't get on.


Did I mention the other week that I had three days of training to give? My new South American counterpart came on to Singapore after our company's Japan marketing show. She used to work for use there and has come back, but is now about 24 months behind, so I had to go through all the upgraded features. Sounds easy, yeah? She is a Brazilian-born Japanese woman who speaks mainly Portugese and Japanese of course - and bloody little English. That was a massive struggle.

But luckily we have a white board that prints out all my heavily stylized physics scribblings - I shoulda stuck to doing my Post Grad in Education and been a lecturer - some of those diagrams of mine were pretty damn cool. I could even figure out for myself what I was talking about when I looked at them later in the day! Whether she could or not - I have no idea. As I said, I never finijshed that education course so I didnt get to the bit about assessment and testing.

Tomorrow I'm back in the office, writing up a report of that training session. Timely or what?


Gerry Lim's new book Invisible Trade II - imaginative title, hey? (yeah, yeah, it's functional)- is out. I haven't read it yet, but as I know two of the people he has interviewed for several of the chapters, I thought I'd better grab a copy.

Review to come. In my humble opinion, Gerry's style is well suited to short magazine pieces (he writes regularly for August). It's the more interesting people he knows that really keep you reading these longer works.

& yep, that's my demure little flatmate on the cover.

My life is weird.

But as a friend said to me last week, "The definition of 'insane' would be you quitting your job and going back to Australia."



Posted by: expat@large on Aug 10, 08 | 11:13 pm | Profile


I think that demure little flatmate is providing excellent motivation for you to get your arse into some type of mobile shape. Over the time she spent in Hungary you went downhill fella!

Posted by: sino man on Aug 11, 08 | 7:08 pm

I went for my foot operation a few days before she left - let's blame the surgeon, not her. Or me.

Posted by: expat@large on Aug 12, 08 | 1:38 am


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