Is This How You Spend Eternity?

Anti-bubbles are real. They are little pockets of an alien universe intruding into this one.

In between bursts of swimming laps in the shaded end of the pool I drift up to the sunny area where three elephants spout fountains into the blue-tiled pool. Ah, how relaxing is the sound of trinkling water…

…excuse me a minute*.


OK I'm back.


The splashing creates lots of bubbles. I come up close to watch the process. With the sun over my right shoulder I am in the perfect position to check for the formation of my favorite type of anti-bubble - the wave-surfing water-globule.

These are perfectly round little bubbles made, not of air, but of water. They skim across the surface of the pool in the wake of a disturbance like the falling spouts of the elephant fountain.

These are not the anti-bubbles you read about on the web that are bubbles of water with an air rim that can be created underwater with soap or oil and a sauce bottle. Those are boring science projects for nerds.

Watching wave-surfing water-globule type anti-bubble is a hip past-time for jet-setting rich people with influence and brand new designer sun-glasses and/or white runners (they were on special!). It should be an Olympic Sport. I love it.

Unless you've been in a pool with me, you may not believe anti-bubbles exist. No, they are NOT fart bubbles.

Observations about these globules:

a) The refract the sunlight the opposite way to an air bubble so they are bright on the rim and dark in the centre.

b) They surf the waves of the splash, moving quite fast, while an air bubble merely bobs up and down with the wave passing through it.

c) They don’t last long. They dissolve back into the pool after a few hundred micro-seconds.

d) They are cool. I could watch them for hours.

e) You can create your own just by flicking a finger up through the pool surface and watching for fast moving bright tiny things on the water surface.

f) Once you make them once, you'll want to make them forever and ever...

OK, I'm truly bored now. Ah, the rain's stopped. There's just time to have a crap, wash up (no toilet paper in the bowl please!) and get changed for that bus-shuttle to Starbucks.


* Bloody prostate. No way would I pee in the pool.

[Addendum: Here's me making anti-bubbles (I repeat: NOT fart bubbles) in Indy's pool.]



Posted by: expat@large on Jul 16, 08 | 6:40 pm | Profile


Do'h, while I was taking a squitter the bloody rain set in again...

Posted by: expat@large on Jul 16, 08 | 7:16 pm


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