As I Order An IceCream

... for dessert (it's mainly fruit actually, he rationalizes), I read this excellent post from medical blogger, Dr Rob - it was highlighted in New York Times* which is how I found it - and I feel guilty and sad...

Instead of patronizing obese patients with a lecture, I try sympathizing with them. Just because something is simple doesn’t make it easy. How do you quit smoking? You just stop smoking. We should just pull out of Iraq. There should be peace in the middle east. People should stop hurting each other and start being nice. All of these are good ideas, but the devil is in the details. Losing weight is a struggle, and it really helps to have people giving you a hand rather than knocking you down.

Even worse, after a few days of eating Thai food or sushi at Zen on Beach Rd only, I have come down with a dose of TomYumGoong's Revenge, so I had a burger and fries for main course. I guess that passes as ironic.

It was the first burger I have had in several years I think, since a garganutan one I had at Brewerkz Singapore which I could only get halway through, and it will probably be the last burger I'll ever eat. The texture of that much ground beef is almost nauseating to me these days.

It was a decision I thought about for a while, but the western menu in this hotel is quite restricted, plus it is mid-afternoon when I take my late lunch and the main chef is out having a cigarette somewhere. I am so perverse, I ordered it knowing I would a) not enjoy it and b) feel guilty, even though I so rarely eat that type of shit.

I have been swimming each day - OK only 15 minutes of dizzyingly short laps of the ornamental pool, but that's something, right? There is a Fitness centre but it is up at the top of the resort about 75 steps - phew! speaking of irony.

It's all my fault. I am fat and useless. I'll never have a girlfriend. I'll die unless I carry an AED* with me everwhere...

OK, up the 60 steps (I counted them) to the foyer, and then off to Starbucks for a Mocca Frappucinno and a muffin... Nope, shit, missed the bloody shuttle-bus again. If I had wings I could fly, if I had decent feet, I could walk too. Its only 1km to down town. However, it's raining again.

Meanwhile, how's your life?


* "If it wasn't for the NYT there'd be nothing to blog about."


Posted by: expat@large on Jul 16, 08 | 5:40 pm | Profile


A "cheeseburger in paradise" does not really constitute food :-)

Firstly you are very far from useless...and secondly this post demands a beer or three and a conversation not conducted as a series of posted comments.

So, when are you back?

Posted by: Indiana on Jul 16, 08 | 6:33 pm

Trying to be nice doesn't help. Buying me beers does.

The rest of the week here, a week in Tokyo, thenin Singpaore for a week YAY! and then to Sydney probably.

Hey VPS, watch out!

Posted by: expat@large on Jul 16, 08 | 7:19 pm

Well I was going to try and be nice but if that's the way you feel you can hobble off and poison yourself...see if I care.

Posted by: Dick on Jul 16, 08 | 11:07 pm

I'll buy you that beer. Mmmmm... beeeeerrr. Name the date. Came up with some interesting (even my female, non-beer-drinking roommate said so!) beer-based cocktails the other day so could try producing them again.

Posted by: knobby on Jul 24, 08 | 1:46 pm


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