First Day Wasted Reducked

Mother of all tethered shite...


Came back from a most relaxing afternoon by the pool after swimming for 15 minutes (EXERCISE!), and making considerable headway into Nadezdha (her name means Hope) Mandelstam's memoir of Stalinist Russia, "Hope Against Hope. Her husband, the usually mild-mannered poet Osip, was arrested after calling Stalin a "peasant-slayer" in a poem - not subtle, not smart, not safe. After that all downhill. Relevance? Similarity to the mrBrown incident... A 2,000 word story I promised to write "in a week" for MercerMachine back in 2005. I'm still researching it...

Also, for this story I need some more stuff on Nikola Tesla's plans for a thought transference machine (I kid you not - he maintained that he would be able to read thoughts directly from the retina). Not so far-fetched really; think the technology of StrangeDays done with special glasses instead of a hair-net...

Except in Russia during The Great Terror of the 1930's.

OK, far-fetched. And the story miles from finished. About five more Gulag memoirs turned up from Amazon the other day.

Actually for all I've read, nothing explains it better than one poem by Anna Ahkmatova - "Voronezh" the ending of which was supressed in its Russian publication:

But in the room of the banished poet
Fear and the Muse stand watch by turn,
and the night falls,
without the hope of dawn.(1936)


Anyway, happily I found that "The Trial" had downloaded... but iTunes wanted my Audible password. Fuck. The usual, I guess - you wanna get into my bank accounts, my porn sites, my Facebook account? One word.

Nope. Must have done something smart for once in my life and used a more subtle paasword. Like the same in reverse. Nope. Was CAPS LOCK on? Nope. Fuck! iTunes says piss off and move the file manually. I would if I could remember the fucking password.

I go to Gmail, try to find my registration email from Audible. Nope, not there. What the fuck? Is Gmail in on this conspiracy to prevent me listening to The Trial, too?

I go to Audible itself and Firefox fortunately has remembered a long string of 'x's that certainly are longer than my usual password. I get into the User Account and go to change my password. My Hint to myself says: "the usual". Fuck.

I am able change my passport to my usual, but in reverse.

I go back to iTunes. The Load File dialog has gone. I got to Audible Download Manager (the iTunes one) and open the list of files. The Trial is still there! Phew!

I click on it and up comes the iTunes dialog box again.

I type in my newly reversed password and ... iTunes closes -- a dialog appears...

iTunes has not been installed correctly. Please Reinstall iTunes.

All that relaxation, gone... I am as stressed as I ever was...

And the thought of trying to get onto and download iTunes while 20millions suckers who bought the iPhone3G on Day One are struggling with server issues and reauthorisation issues... I also know that if I download the new iTunes I won't be able to use MY iPhone (bought from Spike in a HK pub several months ago) any more with this laptop to synch my calendar, etc...

Tethered. I am getting fucking trussed up like a turkey in all this tethered bullshit.


p.s. OK, problem solved with another reboot - but I missed the 6 o'clock shuttle-bus to town.


Posted by: expat@large on Jul 13, 08 | 7:15 pm | Profile


Since you've brought up the subject of you in a pool, I haven't forgotten that you said we'll go skinny dipping one day! ;-)

Posted by: VirginPornStar on Jul 14, 08 | 6:53 pm

exVPS: I believe that will be the day we're BOTH skinny?

There's also a bit more of me in pools on Facebook IF you know where to look...

Posted by: expat@large on Jul 15, 08 | 1:00 am


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