Phuket - That's Pronounced Pookette.

I made a mistake sorta in my Phuket hotel(s) - like booking online last night and expecting to get my preferences. For the first six days I'm up in the old city above the town - I won't say "overlooking" as that presumes a view. Club Bamboo. Looks great on the web, and was really discounted as this is off-season (hot, monsoon season). I'm surrounded by hills and lush jungle, well almost - there is a sewage (waste-water, to be polite) treatment plant outside my rear window! I kid you not.

Also there are about 60 steps from my small villa up to the reception desk and the bus to partytown.

This could be good. Enforced quiet. Solitude. At peace with myself. Writing my long gestated novel of love, lust and bad luck in Lala land...

Writers block. Boredom. Horniness. Loneliness. Copious forlorn masturbation.

Hang on, what's this? Oh, he enthused amazedly, a conveniently located advertisement for IN-ROOM massage! And in the town that invented the 2nd knuckle happy ending... Hey hey hey, no need to go out after all! That, plus in-room free wifi!

Who needs beaches?

Last four days will be in a different hotel, right on the beach. By then I reckon I'll appreciate a bit of open space (and some fresh air!).

Golf to be booked tomorrow. Might have to hire a jeep because of where I am. Probably should investigate Phuket Island a bit more too, considering I've been coming here for 10 years and pretty much only know Soi Bangla. Saw an interesting ceramics place just over the hill. And I REALLY need new pottery cluttering up the place in Singapore.

No, I won't be getting a motorcycle - I work in the health industry remember, I used to take X-rays for a living. I've seen too many people mangled, seen people die (1, 2, 3) on those bloody things.

OK off to test the tom yum goong in the in-house restaurant... Mm, it's empty. Bad sign...



Posted by: expat@large on Jul 12, 08 | 9:36 pm | Profile


Yes, do get out and explore Phuket, though a few days by the pool is also very nice. Phuket island has a lot to see. I have lived here 8+ years and very rarely go to Patong these days. Just stumbled upon your blog - good read, thanks. Maybe you can stumble on mine..

Jamie's Phuket:

Posted by: jamiemonk on Jul 13, 08 | 6:31 pm

Thanks Jamie. Might see you in Nikita's one day this week?

Posted by: expat@large on Jul 13, 08 | 7:15 pm


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