Hellboy II

Caught it tonight at Emporium SFX cinema in BKK. I really enjoyed the first one, and really enjoyed this one too.

As you might remember I was fairly pissed off with GDT's last outing, Pan's Labrynth, which I felt wasn't externally consistent (as opposed to internally consistent) with the concepts of "myth" - a mythological story or artefact within a myth should be independent from the telling of the myth. (Whatever the fuck I mean by that.) Like LOTR has all these other myths in and around it which exist entirely of themselves, independently of Frodo's problems with the homoerotic yearnings of Sam. Oh, and that Ring issue. Like I mean if you go through hell and higwater to get a magic knife, you better freaking well USE the knife to kill someone nasty or something. John Barth's huge satire, Giles Goat-Boy (it's a book, not a movie) does an excellent job of elaborating the importance of the fulfillment of prophecies in mythical stories...

Hellboy II is corny and over the top (like LOTR and GGB) and it too seems consistent with, and independent from, its inner AND outer stories. Which is why I liked it. Plus he's a likeable rogue... OK, one criticism; the Barry Manilow bit was marginal - cute, but it went on just a tad long...

& Producers of any further Hulk remakes please, NO!!!, sorry, I mean please NOTE the clever mix of CGI, make-up and wire-work. The splatters and splashes of mashed CGI creatures appear to hit the lens of the camera - I think they do that in PanLab as well. Very clever.

Still room left for another sequel, too... "And you will suffer more than anyone else..."

He he he... Wicked fun.



Posted by: expat@large on Jul 11, 08 | 2:35 am | Profile


absolutely correct...i adored hellboy!! and now i'm soooooo ready for the newest excitement that is hellboy ll: the golden army xoxox

(total agreement re pan)

(this must mean our "movie friendship" is moving up)

Posted by: savannah on Jul 11, 08 | 7:02 am

Well I don't know about that....I enjoyed Pan's Labyrinth precisely because the myth was a bit of a meth. The whole thing had a surreal je ne sais quoi to it I thought. LOTR was just good guys and bad guys all over again.

Posted by: Dick on Jul 11, 08 | 10:48 pm

Thanks for your considered opinion Dick. Now fuck off, this blog is reserved for cowering sycophants (don't mean you Sav!) and/or people who adored LOTR!

Ah, I know what it is - you're just upset because you haven't read Giles Goat-Boy! (If you have, please explain it me.)

Spike at Hongkie Town loved Pan's SpellingMistake as well. Mythologicus non disputandum, as Joseph Campbell was oft noted to remark to Carl Jung, rumour has it. (They're even meeting could be just a myth! Or a hit.)

In my opinion, prophecies are like the chewing gum in Chapter 1 - somebody has to fulfill them (or put their hand under the desk unawares) by Chapter 14 or so, depending upon chapter length. PL failed in this regard IMOverblownO.

Am publically guffawing through a Very Funny Book called "How Not To Write a Novel", by two people I couldn't be bothered googling. Like the old Fowlers and Partridges, it gives some great (imagined) examples of "Dark and stormy knight" stuff. I'm sure it won't prevent me making all the usual suspects, er, um, cliched errors, but still, it's more fun than a barrel of Chuck Wowws.

Posted by: expat@large on Jul 11, 08 | 11:22 pm

thank you, sugar, for that! xox (because you KNOW i hated lotr)

Posted by: savannah on Jul 14, 08 | 11:42 pm

LOTR....expensive fairy tale IMO....no irony, no detachment and not much relevance to modern times. Which may explain its popularity. I preferred Irony Man.

'Giles Goat Boy', the endless quest for myth, basically an elaborate peeth of pith taking. John Barth never claims to have any answers but he does have a way with words, too clever by half sometimes but he even admits that. Post modernity rules. Next question.

Posted by: Dick on Jul 15, 08 | 12:52 am

Sav: it's OK, I'll still talk to you.

Dick: I don't know what my point was... I don't know if I have another question.

Barth is to literature as the spirograph is to tech drawing.

Posted by: expat@large on Jul 15, 08 | 1:16 am


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