I feel like shite. This bug *looks* like it's mild but I am still getting sensory and auditory hallucinations... coughing, some chills still, sore throat, aches, the whole 8.2296 metres of symptoms, but milder than some I've had. I nearly died in the Great Sydney Flu Epidemic of 1997 (or at least I wished I did).

This ain't that, and it ain't no SARS...


Anyway three things:

1. My buddy risked contagion and dropped a birthday present: a wireless Mighty Mouse! Cool Do I have nice friends or what? His birthday was last Tuesday. What did I give him? Squat. Do my friends have nice friends? Not so much.

2. Have been cleaning out one set of cupboards in the third bedroom for my second flatmate... All this unpacked stuff from Hong Kong... Stuff from my previous job... All my old research material and 35mm slides from my clinical presentations over the last 18 years, up till the ubiquity of Powerpoint. Sneezing like anything. Old shoes, NEW shoes that hurt, tax returns from HK, Sales and Leadership Training Workshop (I was never a salesman, will never be a leader!)

Down the schute with the jetsam of my youth...

OMG - my juvenalia - short story attempts and fizzles from when I was 25 to 35 or so. Can't bring myself to dump that, even though --- no two ways, It Is Crap...

3. Tried to load Windows into BootCamp in the iMac. I think my version is not SP2, so it failed. It keep stalling and rebooting from the WindowsXP CD, and there was no way to figure out how to eject the disk - the Eject Icon wouldn't work (because it is a Mac control!) and as they are elctronic not mechanical anymore (Philips patent on the eject mechanism for CD drives just ran out) I had to call my son and his GF (who is a MAJOR Mac fan) - however, people born on the 23rd June must be channelling something brainnumbing, because she didn't help at all, maybe didn't get the translation of the problem from PC to Mac - different file system, different language required.

Yeah, I know NOW! to hold down the "option" key while booting up (change back to the USB mouse!), load MacOS, eject the disc by dropping it into the Trash (surely that means 'Deleting' its contents?)... Found the answer on Google when I slightly changed my search criteria...

4. [Four things.] Packing for Japan right now. Hoping that I get a birthday upgrade tomorrow morning. Hoping I don't die tonight of this horrid lurgie. Ow, it hurts to cough, hurts in the ribs...

Eeerrgghh. Drrruuuugggs!!!



Posted by: expat@large on Jun 22, 08 | 10:17 pm | Profile


happy birthday, sugar! xoxox

Posted by: savannah on Jun 22, 08 | 11:00 pm

hahaha...I was sick today too...but I blame mine of alcohol :-)

Posted by: Indiana on Jun 22, 08 | 11:08 pm

Sav: thanks - should be packing but trying to redeem an online voucher (with presents for the No1Son) before it expires tomorrow. (so far so good, confirmatory email has come back. Technically it's still yesterday here compared to Australia.)

Indy: Yeah, you were asleep when we got up to leave! I went a lot easier on the Margaritas, stayed in the pool as long as I could with those gorgeous babes! Is the evidence up on facebook yet?

Posted by: expat@large on Jun 22, 08 | 11:22 pm

pictures on facebook, sugar? cool-alish! xoxxo

Posted by: savannah on Jun 23, 08 | 5:22 pm


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