Shit! Gray Square Of Death!

Had a great post going... maybe 300 hundred words... Gray Square Of Death when I tried to upload a photo from one of the two USB HDDs. What? So it can't handle this simple task?

What is it with photos on this supposedly IMAGE PROCESSING MACHINE!?


I am convinced that I channel the world's widest bandwidth of Murphy's Law.

I had a great set-up on the PC or the work laptop, using MS OneNote to draft all my blog posts... it's a terrific tool for note taking, novel writing... and of course it doesn't exist for the Mac... So I have to go hunting to find something similar. Later...

Also I realize that on the Mac when you "Save As" a photo in iPhoto or in Preview, it seems to rewrite the original file with the new name, rather than create a new file! That means you lose your ORIGINAL UNTOUCHED UP file!


or have I not noticed some Fuse thing...?


Short (i.e. very unE@L) version of Lost Post, as I have to get ready for Indy's party -

1. the amplifier is fine - it WAS the power cord after all - a fuse.

2. I have a fever and a cough. I feel shite, weird, all big and chillly, subsonic noises are all around me...

I am Patient Vector One from a coughing waitress I noticed in a Saigon restaurant two nights ago... I have to go to the chemist on the way there to pick up some face-masks...

Watch this space for news of a new plague...


(Repent! Repent! Get a girlfriend! Get a girlfriend!)


Posted by: expat@large on Jun 21, 08 | 3:24 pm | Profile


Expat, I just had a quick look at the old linked entry from your preceding entry. I see that the desk you took that pic of in in your bedroom???

This could be the source of your problem mate. I share your pain (or is it joy) of apartment living. It is not natural for you and I as men from Melbourne (Albeit you are from the satellite city) We are accustomed to extra space. BUT I think you need to identify your bedroom as the sleeping and sex zone. All the stuff parked in the love shack is possibly messing up your mojo.

I realised this myself when I woke this morning and saw the pile of box from my own new Hifi new to my bed. Not a great look for the lover, although I am lucky mine has her own apartment for conjugal visits.

You need a release mate, you need a muse to stimulate your creative writing, the sexual frustration is palpable but that is not enough. Yes you need a girlfriend...

Good news on the sound system though

Posted by: sino man on Jun 22, 08 | 7:05 am


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