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The Desk (Before and After iMac)

Note how easy it was to get the photos from my camera onto the PC laptop [and onto the blog] (apart from the fact that the iPhone has already killed my copy of ACDSee on this computer) compared to the three lock-ups on the iMac and a threat to reformat my camera's SD card?

Before iMac.

After iMac.

Huge productivity gains expected.

(Three bags of junk are just out of shot,still waiting to be taken to the trash.)

You'll note the Orange guitar amplifier, headphones and effects pedal - only select people know that real reason I bought the iMac is to use Garage Band.


Just snaffled up the book Spike mentioned – The Future of The Intergneck and How To Stop It, which is an anti-iPhone, anti-iMac book about the apocalyptic evil of "tethered" appliances – you must use AT&T for your iPhone, you must not use 3rd party software, etc... That was how the Internet grew, this is how it dies, sort of thing.

Cheery stuff, me to a tee. I love debunking books, that is to say books that debunk myths and received wisdom (and Steve Jobs). There's one or two (scholarly) eviscerations of Tibetan Buddhism and the Daily Llama I need to read as well.


(OK off home, time to stir the lamb casserole.)

[p.s. At home casserole didn't cook properly, reblasting it in the rice cooker.

And why do my black-on-white fonts look really REALLY shitty, all anti-aliased blurry-like on this monster monitor? Like, I'm serious, they're REALLY REALLY shitty!


Posted by: expat@large on Jun 16, 08 | 6:06 pm | Profile


Time I invested in one of those desk tidying programs. I bet they even remember which shelf they put the books on.

Posted by: Dick on Jun 17, 08 | 10:53 pm

Be warned Dick, you'll only get upset at the state of your "antique", recycled, pinus radiata desktop. Had to go and raid some expensive honey jars to get the comb to make beeswax polish.

And regularly the maid would say, "You have unused items on your desktop. Would you like me to remove them, mister Sir?" And I'd say, " ... insert expletive here off, I'll never find anything ever again! ... "

Books? Shelf? You tried to sit on my couch lately?

Posted by: expat@large on Jun 18, 08 | 12:48 am


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