War Inc.

Anyone seen this yet? War Inc.?

Writer/Producer/Star John Cusack has a heap of more links and videos excerpts on his MySpace page. Warning: background music is cool but annoying. Turn it off with the pseudo iPod on the left.

You gotta admit, John Cusack is a pretty cool guy, and since he is over 40 it's OK for me to talk to him. (But be prepared to be shocked if you read his blog, he's practically illiterate or he uses a text editor with no spell-check, which is the same thing these days.) And sister Joan Cusack, while she is not so brilliant on that cooking show of hers, can very funny too.


Oh, didn't I mention that over 40's rule?

New rule - as I turn 51 next week, I'm only going to talk to people 40 years or older from that point on.

I really gotta start acting my age, dump these babies I party with now, get to know some older friends (before they or I die). Most everyone I hang with currently is closer to my son's age than to mine. (And he is in denial about being post 30, apparently.)

Yep, no more junk trips with semi-naked young girls, no more poolside BBQs where people talk rock-climbing and scuba diving, no more trying not to fall asleep during conversations about what school to send the kids to... that's all in the past.

I want to talk to people about degenerative diseases, cardiac surgery, arthritis, joint replacement preferences, retirement plans not investment plans, cryogenics, sexual dysfunction (I did the full "how your penis works, or doesn't as the case may be" talk to some fascinated people AGAIN, on Sat night - I gotta get some Powerpoints Slides onto my iPhone), our favorite funeral arrangments, grandkids (how many?), who's still alive from our High School graduating class, what we've already achieved not what we're going to achieve next, how Don Adams so kicks Steve Carrell's butt (he looks and acts more like Hymie - you remember, the robot!)... and all the other fun topics for us oldies. And we can repeat those conversations all next day, thanks to the Altzeimers...

And also thanks to the Altzeimers I can ignore this rule as well, because I've already forgotten it.



Posted by: expat@large on Jun 16, 08 | 3:12 pm | Profile


I'm a couple of years behins but don't want to sign up for the degenerative diseases conversation. As Bob Hope responded when asked by his family if he ewanted to be buried or cremated "Surprise me!"

Posted by: steviefboy on Jun 17, 08 | 4:11 pm

Funny. Confessions time - secret fondness for old ski-slope-nose. Used to love it when his movies were on a Saturday afternoon, instead of the Epic Theatre crap.

The 40+ Rule:
Amendment 1: doesn't apply to women.
Amendement 2: doesn't apply to current bloggers.
Amendment 3: it's more of a guideline than an actual rule.

Posted by: expat@large on Jun 18, 08 | 1:01 am

oh, shut up. you're not old.

Posted by: knobby on Jun 21, 08 | 2:28 am

All young people say that...

Posted by: expat@large on Jun 21, 08 | 10:23 am

oof. can't talk.

below. the. belt.

Posted by: knobby on Jun 21, 08 | 1:38 pm


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