Permanently Passport Pissed

The Philippines deal? We lost it, basically because I was not there. Quarter of million USD. Fuck. They are not happy with me. Not happy at all.


My next work trip, to Vietnam, is coming up on the 17th. I have a 30 minute lecture to give and a live scanning session for 100plus Drs in a Hotel ballroom in Ho Chi Minh City.

My new passport is due by the 18th! Note the potential discrepancy there? My last passport came through early, so I am hopeful (Why? What am I, a fucking optimist all of a sudden?) about this one getting to me in Singapore in time as well. [The passports with the biometric chip have to be done in Canberra (or in London or New York).]

But I still have to change my FIN card (Green Card) to the new passport number (Australia gives a new number to each new passport) and get a stamp in the new passport so that I can go in and out of Singapore easily. It takes half a day waiting in a queue at the MinManpower for this. I'll have to fill in tourist visa forms...

And I will have to change my APEC card (Australia-Pacific Economic Community - an excellent visa exemption card!) to the new passport number, which means it will be up to the Vietnamese Immigration to let me in or not. The new APEC card will take a week or so to come through from Canberra, but only once I inform them of the new passport number! Without the correct number on the current APEC card, I guess I am supposed to get a conventional visa for Vietnam, however that takes four days... and as I don't have the new passport yet, I can't start those proceedings...

Should I sigh at this point? OR should I wait a week until I get turned back at Ho Chi Minh airport, the lecture gets suddenly cancelled, we lose major face and major potential sales?

I'm thinking yes, I should sigh, may as well keep in practise...



On the good side, I will have plenty of reading material to keep my mind busy once I get sacked for fucking up. A package from Amazon arrived today, including this hot item!



Posted by: expat@large on Jun 10, 08 | 2:22 pm | Profile


"Where will it all end? Only God knows. And he's not talking." Now that's what I call philosophy.

Posted by: Dick on Jun 10, 08 | 11:49 pm

There can be only one end - the Pattaya 6th floor footpath splat, with twist...

Posted by: expat@large on Jun 11, 08 | 1:40 am

Get a good Soapie first!

Posted by: Skippy-san on Jun 11, 08 | 1:28 pm


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