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image ... and its sad decline into the dark historical pages of 2007 (according to Spike), today I received my first penis enlargement spam in a Wall Message allegedly posted by a friend/contact (Izzy's little sister actually was the unwitting victim named as the sender of the message). Somehow the spammers are getting through whatever large security cracks there are, and huge indeed they must be given the size of their penises - just a matter of time before the milk turned sour I guess.

(Interestingly the huge schlong spam says that "danny[sic]" [not his real name?] now has a different girl every time "she" sees him. What, is he burning them out, or so bad in bed despite his psychopharamaceutically enhanced schlong, or is he just such a selfish, vain, desperate idiot that he can't maintain a relationship? [Unlike me, who can't even find one in the first place.])


The statue (you noticed it? Yes, I bought it for a friend) is of the Egyptian fertility God Min. The story my tour guide gave me as we stood on the roadside outside the Citadel of Cairo, waiting for our driver (you can't park private cars at the Citadel!) goes like this:- Min was a crippled old man, hunch-backed - although the statue shows him as straight-backed but one-armed and one-legged - who had to stay behind in the village, not being able to do battle, while the rest of the men went off to a war. When they returned, victorious presumably, they were mightily miffed to find all the women in the village pregnant and Min exhausted but unrepentant... As a punishment they lopped off his prodigious old-fellow (a common Egyptian preoccupation, you might be consoled to hear Milos) and turfed him out of the village. Or killed him, or whatever.

After that they revered him. Well maybe not the actual cuckolded husbands in the village, but the Egyptians in general. He became the God responsible for ensuring the emperor had male children. This was important in those days.

(The sexual responsibilities of emperors were extremely onerous - consider the Chinese guy who every night had to bring all his concubines to orgasm as he screwed his way up the hierarchy of wives - gaining Ying! power with each of their orgasms, holding back his own [this is where Tantric Sex allegedly had its origins] until he reached wifey No 1, gives her an orgasm too and then finally releases his own blue-balled Yang!, vastly increasing the likliehood of a male child! Not! This quotidian task proved too much for the 2nd Last Emperor, who some say went batty from all the booty. Enough! I digress!)


Meanwhile that episode of spamming follows closely on the heels of being *head-hunted on Facebook*!

'Are you the "E@L ___" who works with "A___", and if so are you interested in a position with a nameless major European Company which may or may not be guilty of giving away billions of Euros in bribes and sweeteners for deals done around the world yet still pays its employees total crap?'

'Um, let me think about a nano-secon... No.'


They say that your Facebook account and your personal blog AND those of your friends and links are now pinned to your CV every time you proffer yourself for new employment (watch this post disappear if I ever DO want a job with Siemens) - currently finishing up on The Spy in the Coffee Machine just to boost the Orwellian paranoia - and that could lead to a crisis of confidence in blogging. This mixing of the very private world of your opinions, your prejudices and your pride, your sense and your sensibility with the hyper-public and PERMANENT world of the Internet, etc...

Which is pretty much what my previous post was hinting at. These lines from the NYT article mentioned by Spike (that's his second mention this post! and his is an excellent take on the issue) and pissed on by Chris Locke at RageBoy, who seems to have massively missed the point, may have special relevance for some of my friends. I had a seperate post I was preparing (oops, the GOBS would gobsmacked) - still I might work on it for another day - in which I too tried to analyse what Emily calls the "the will to blog", but this sums it up pretty nicely, as it does the crisis.

The will to blog is a complicated thing, somewhere between inspiration and compulsion. It can feel almost like a biological impulse. You see something, or an idea occurs to you, and you have to share it with the Internet as soon as possible. What I didn’t realize was that those ideas and that urgency — and the sense of self-importance that made me think anyone would be interested in hearing what went on in my head — could just disappear.

But fear not, I'm not disappearing. No crisis here. Not this week anyway.


p.s. off to Chicago for work TWICE this year - already booked for August for an ObGyn conference and I just got the nod for December: RSNA again. With my rent going up etc, it might be better for me to move there and just hang at Legends until I get sick of the blues...


Posted by: expat@large on May 29, 08 | 11:45 am | Profile


Ha Ha!

I like the way you seamlessly integrate the earlier part of your post with a reference to the company Siemens; very clever innuendo. If only you had been able to get a mention for the company Wayne Kerr (http://www.waynekerrtest.com/).

Posted by: DanPloy on May 29, 08 | 7:42 pm

Maybe somewhere there's an entire company of Wayne Kerrs?

Posted by: expat@large on May 29, 08 | 10:27 pm


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