Blogs Are Dead, Long Live Blogs

Are Spike, Skippy-san, Savannah and I the only bloggers left (in my narrow circle of compulsive communicators? With the occassional YouTube link from Dick or a passage from his Work In Progress) and as I don't begin with 'S' maybe I should close up shop too?

Everyone gone to Facebook or MySpace or something?

Was I not CC-ed on this??


Addendum: On Mental Institutions and Writing Course or blogs for that matter...

Kureishi also said that when he goes to his desk each morning to commence writing, he thinks to himself: "Why am I doing this? Shall I commit suicide?"



Posted by: expat@large on May 28, 08 | 5:24 pm | Profile


I tend to hitch a ride on your blog as I get far too whiny and introspective on my own and I can't take any interesting pictures.

I was in Singapore last week sampling the filpina delights of Orchard Towers most of the week and didn't have much time for the internet.

Back in blighty drying out now.

Posted by: steviefboy on May 28, 08 | 6:03 pm

Facebook is so 2007. Everyone's moving to FriendFeed. (And I sent you an invite yesterday.)

Posted by: spike on May 28, 08 | 6:15 pm

Steviefboy: well if you'd tell what your blog's nam name is, we could read it be the judges of that! No photos of action-adventures in 4FoWs?

Spike: noted, ignored. I'm sorry, but I just can't keep up.

Posted by: expat@large on May 28, 08 | 6:31 pm

Sorry I have been working my arse off recently and combining that with legal machinations towards recovering the treasure from that pirate calling herself my ex wife, I have not have enough extra time for rapid fire blog posting.

Posted by: sino man on May 28, 08 | 6:58 pm

you are adorable, sugar! i can picture you sitting there absolutely wide-eyed in wonder - what about me? i think it's a seasonal thing, they'll be back. xoxox

(i haven't looked at facebook or myspace in ages)

Posted by: savannah on May 28, 08 | 9:10 pm

I'm still here! Even though I am serving a 1-2 year sentence in the land of fat women. I envy Steviefboy for being able to sample filipina cusine at one Orchard Towers "restaurants". There is none of that over here!


Posted by: Skippy-san on May 28, 08 | 10:46 pm

This is the longest I've gone in 4 years without blogging, although I do still blurf. But now, well now I'm much more at peace with life.
Keep up the good work, for as long as you want to that is.

Posted by: Mia on May 29, 08 | 12:34 am

Don't stop. I enjoy keeping up with your movements (cue toilet humour). My blog was always fiction anyway and of very minor sociological significance.

Posted by: Dick on May 29, 08 | 2:39 am

I wasn't REALLY considering stopping, I was just wondering is all. HK Macs sent a funny cartoon, I'll post it later today - there are emails in my WORK folder! Unheard of!

Posted by: expat@large on May 29, 08 | 11:38 am

It's just a touch of blogger's doubt. It will pass.

Posted by: Dick on May 29, 08 | 1:29 pm

I thought you meant the work email was just a phase. They have already passed - one was about a trip to Chicago, the rest just cc-s.

Posted by: expat@large on May 29, 08 | 1:59 pm

Be gentle with me

Posted by: steviefboy on May 29, 08 | 6:56 pm


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