The Riddle Of The Sphinx - Redux

The stony staring Sphinx asks all the visitors a new riddle:

What creature WALKS around the Sphinx and Pyramids in the morning?

What creature SITS for a turkish coffee after the tour?

What creature LEAPS into a Pizza Hut/King seafood pizza for a late lunch?

What creature has a severe case of the RUNS as soon he lands in Tripoli airport eight hours later?



The perplexed crowds wonder at the mysticism of the conundrum, and they seek a wise king to answer the cryptic puzzle... but he is gone far away, gone the king, far way, to the shore of Leptus Magna where the Punic empire reigned...

Yes, the king is a man gone afar, a man a king far gone... so far king gone...


And of course, there was no toilet paper within several centuries of the Tripoli airport: thankfully Colleague-san came much more prepared than

your correspondent



Posted by: expat@large on May 21, 08 | 12:13 am | Profile

OTHER MONKEYS SAID basically you got to explore the toilets of some far flung place...I mean I know archaeologists like to search through a Midden, but they usually don't like to do it when its so ...erm... fresh.

Posted by: Indiana on May 21, 08 | 8:21 am

I already know more than is healthy about the far flung middens of foreign countries, thank you vee much...

Archaeologists are strange people, no doubt about it...

(I don't want to go into too much detail, but "search" is not the right word for my situation, maybe "filter" or "sluice"...)

Posted by: expat@large on May 21, 08 | 6:37 pm

sugar, what the hell were you thinking? pizza hut/king in cairo?????? *sigh* i KNEW i should have given you some restos in cairo! did you get to the cafe? xoxo

Posted by: savannah on May 22, 08 | 3:15 am

*waving to indy because i miss him, too!*

Posted by: savannah on May 22, 08 | 3:16 am


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