CSS Is A Shit To Sort Out

Now that I have recovered my FTP software (i.e. paid for it, I'm no cheapskate!), I can edit my site again. I decided to place the left side-panel on the single comment page, just to further slow down the site for all of you. Basically, I wanted it so that people who went to a specific entry from their RSS feed would get the same experience as those who log-on the main page. Lucky them. While I was doing that, I found a heap of errors in my Cascading Style Sheet... well, Dreamweaver found them for me.

Naturally after sorting out these syntactical dilemmas, everything fucked up. I started getting borders around things what never had no borders before, and good honest text went and disappeared into the background. Goddam! Obviously the things that weren't working, weren't working for a reason. Like the appendix in Antarctic explorers, like the cortical brain in rugby followers.

As Dreamweaver CS3 doesn't give you a WYSIWYG style preview(! How much is this program? Glad I didn't pay for it!) I had to find a preview program called TopStyle (only 19 uses of the trial version left! OK, I am a cheapskate!) and fix them up again. Mother of mercy!

There's still something wrong with the main site's code as Dreamweaver shows one large section as plain blue text rather than showing the color highlights for tags and stuff. When I copied the sidebar section in its entirety to the comment php, the blue stuff went magically into its proper colors, so there must something in the header above that playing up. Big deal, it looks OK on the page.

I've been at this for four hours now, so I might come back to it next year. I've also got to put a few more links in my blogroll at some stage. Later.

Yes, Sino, I need a girlfriend.



Posted by: expat@large on May 11, 08 | 3:01 pm | Profile


Shit. I notice that the fonts on the side panel in IE are all over the place.

Posted by: expat@large on May 11, 08 | 4:37 pm

Expat, get some nerd to sort this type of shit out for you.

Life is way too short to become and expert on stuff that will soon be superceded. You have better things to do. That girlfriend is not going to be found editing code in your apartment

Posted by: sino man on May 11, 08 | 9:29 pm

She wasn't at the iPod gadget shop either.

Posted by: expat@large on May 11, 08 | 9:33 pm

i'm impressed by your abilities, sugar! i can't even comment on your site when i use firefox because i can't remember my password to login, so i have to use safari. what does that have to do with your difficulties you're probably asking yourself, well, in short, nothing. except that, compared to me, you are a technological wizard. feel better? xoxo

Posted by: savannah on May 13, 08 | 1:12 pm


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