Burma Cyclone - Some Advice

Everyone is criticising the Burma regime over the delay at getting aid and assistance sorted after the devestation and massive death toll, but who CAN work things out quickly and effectively in such overwhelming circumstances?

However, one thing to be sure of: don't ask the Americans to help - look at the way FEMA and the Fed Govt they stuffed around after Hurricane Katrina.

(From an ABC Radio [Australia] talkback.)



Posted by: expat@large on May 07, 08 | 10:19 pm | Profile


I have to rise in defense of my service. Right now 5, count them five, helo capable ships are within flying range of Myanmar. During the Tsunami in 2004 the American Navy did a great job and those Sailors would jump at the opportunity again.

Please don't confuse American domestic politics with overseas ability. New Orleans was bad because the local government was useless. Once FEMA caved and let the military in-things worked a lot better. It just took a whle for GWB to realize that.

Posted by: Skippy-san on May 08, 08 | 8:26 pm

Skip: it wasn't my comment, I just thought it was apt.

Not sure how much blame I'd lay on FEMA who were drastically underfunded by years of cost-cutting in the lead-up as I understand.

I wonder if the US domestic situation might be similar to that which sometimes happens inside Australia with its internicene State v Federal battles.

I'm more sure the Burmese people are hoping that the US Navy use those ships to invade, not just supply AID.

Posted by: expat@large on May 08, 08 | 9:27 pm


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