The HK Vibe

It's just buzzing.

It's chaotic, it's traffic jammed, it's packed, it's busy, it's bustling, it's noisy, it's just happening. The town that doesn't even blink, let alone sleep. The guy with his t-shirt off, a filthy towel around his shoulders, pushing that ricketty hand-cart with boxes of goods, he's pushing it across town for HKD$20, fuck your FedEx UPS, this guy'll take 25 minutes anywhere in Wanchai. The trucks are beeping at 10am, delivering and picking up from a factory or a shop that is next to a shuttered restaurant that's on the ground floor of a residential apartment building that hosts a massage parlor and a night-club as well. It's all happeining, it's all here. It's now... It's immediate. It's annoying, it's a pain in the arse, it's brilliant, it's jumping...

Hong Kong is a town you can love because it is continually reminding you that are alive and WHY you are alive. You are not afraid of anything and nothing that can stop you doing what you want.

Singapore is a place you slip into like a lukewarm bath and not be aware of your surroundings other than the sweat on your brow. It's a golf course. It's a club. It's just a mall. How can you love something so bland, it's neither hot nor cold, and the inconvenient truth is that it's a state of un-stated fear and it makes you just feel uneasy all the time.

Each to his own, eh TheCitizen?


Rugby 7s time again. Three days of restful contemplation on the vagaries of human sporting achievement. First match is Australia v HongKong.

Must be there for that...

Gotta go... cheers



Posted by: expat@large on Mar 28, 08 | 3:45 pm | Profile


For the 8th year in a row-you are at the Sevens and I am not. There is no justice in this world.

And its looking grin for the home team, as far as being able to walk down Jaffe Road anytime soon.

So do a recce run in Neptunes for me would you? And if you run across a Filipina named Jessica-Run.

Or ask her to get a friend for a two fer.

I HATE YOU! ( Just kidding-I'm really just envious).

Posted by: Skippy-san on Mar 28, 08 | 6:55 pm

If you put Hong Kong into a bucket of dettol what would come out is Singapore.

I sitting reading today's post nodding and wandering why I am not also in HK

Posted by: sino man on Mar 28, 08 | 10:12 pm

Skip: poked my nose in last night. She was there, I think. Someone gorgeous, knew everyone was looking at her, kept checking the mirror every ten seconds, left with a doofus looking Yank twice her age and 200 times her income...

R7s - 11 years on the trot for me.

Sino: not so sure - there are still many unclean infectious areas in Singapore. HK just doesn't try to pretend it's the West. It's Chinese now and it knows it, and doesn't care if you know it too.

Posted by: expat@large on Mar 29, 08 | 2:54 pm

Did you read that comment from someone called Lucky Tan on Catherine Lim's post? Too funny. And sad. And infuriating.

Posted by: knobby on Mar 30, 08 | 2:12 am

Fear of loss of purchasing power, yes...

Posted by: expat@large on Mar 30, 08 | 2:55 pm


Posted by: Batbitch on Mar 31, 08 | 7:52 am

It's over - the 7s I mean, but not the buzz of course.

Lots of incriminating photos and videos to come. Caught up with Spike last night.

Posted by: expat@large on Mar 31, 08 | 2:18 pm

And you are able to remember it?

Posted by: Skippy-san on Mar 31, 08 | 10:28 pm


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