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Don't Know Much About... Tibet

New York Times: The International Campaign for Tibet, based in Washington, is now a more powerful and effective force on global opinion than the Dalai Lama’s outfit in northern India. The European and American pro-Tibet organizations are the tail that wags the dog of the Tibetan government-in-exile. Patrick French.

History As Propaganda: Surprisingly no study I have seen to date compares the works of these contemporary Tibetan and Chinese authors. This may be because the obviously polemical tone and often hyperbolic rheoric used in most English works on Tibet by Tibetans or Chinese cause many readers to dismiss as propaganda those with which they do not agree. John Powers, p5.

MysticBuourgeoisie: Chances are good that most of you would balk (to say the least) at the idea of living under a born-again evangelical Christian theocracy. Uh, that's OK, thanks. I'm trying to cut down. Or how about an Islamic theocracy? That'd be cool, right? Well, hmmm, on second thought, maybe not. But a Buddhist theocracy? Especially a Tibetan Buddhist theocracy? Double-down super-especially a Tibetan Tantric Buddhist theocracy? A-OK! Bring it on! Chris Locke.

Know much about Tibet? No-one really knows enough.

When in doubt, blame the CIA: "As the movement for Tibetan liberation continues to attract international support, Tibet's status remains a contentious issue in both Washington and Beijing. This book takes readers inside a covert war fought with Tibetan blood and U.S. sponsorship and allows us to better understand the true nature of that controversy." From the Book Description



Posted by: expat@large on Mar 23, 08 | 1:47 pm | Profile


The most contentious issue in both Washington and Beijing is how much US debt is owned by China.

Posted by: Dick on Mar 23, 08 | 10:08 pm

No doubt. However, the internal debt to equity ratio in Chinese Banks we don't want to talk about. The entire world economy is a house of cards... Did someone say Great Depression?

Posted by: expat@large on Mar 23, 08 | 10:17 pm

I'm calling for a total economic embargo on China. If that doesn't work there should be an invasion followed by a surge. That'll fix 'em.

Posted by: Dick on Mar 23, 08 | 11:24 pm


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