Rashid He Sell Burqa

Kuwait City, March 2008

What colour burqa you want? Black, or... maybe... black?

This constituted about 20% of the length of the display rack, I kid you not.


Makes a change from all those high fashion women's stores (I'm thinking Pacific Place in HK) where the clothes are all in the latest "fashionable" shades of pastel and or in gay rainbow colours whilst the no-nonsense sales assistants are kitted out in pantsuits of serious, timeless black...


Addendum: E@L Had a similar coffee conversation with the Filipina waitress in a Crowne Plaza Kuwait restaurant last night as he had with the Indian waiter the other week. What is it with E@L and the ordering of coffee?

E@L: White coffee, please.
She: We don hep, sir
E@L: You don't have white coffee?
She: We hep all other type coffee, sir.
E@L: Black coffee with milk, you have?
She: Yep sir, we hep.
E@L: That IS white coffee!
She: No sir, white coffee is different. Is like white.
E@L: White?
She: Like is water, is white.
E@L It's clear?
She: Yep sir, is like water, clear white, with coffee flabor, sir. We don hep, sir.
E@L: OK, I give up. Black coffee with milk, please.
She: Yep sir.

E@L gives up - never heard of clear white coffee.


Posted by: expat@large on Mar 20, 08 | 6:02 am | Profile


Don't give up E@L. Your coffee comments are becoming the prime topic of conversation among Filipina waitresses from Berlin to Baguio.

Posted by: Dick on Mar 20, 08 | 9:34 pm

like anything else when it comes to women's clothing, there are subtle differences in each covering, sugar! (when i lived in the ksa, female expats could wear any color, if they wanted to wear an abaya when they went out, but i think that's changed now) in actuality, there is no real basis for those coverings, just arcane cultural baggage and to my mind, a serious fear of women. but i've been branded a whore of babylon by the fundamentalists already *shrug*

last time i heard the phrase "white coffee" was in nyc, but then i don't get out much anymore.

Posted by: savannah on Mar 20, 08 | 11:01 pm

You're a hard man e@l ... just order coffee with milk as I have learnt to do.

Posted by: markwe on Mar 20, 08 | 11:09 pm

maybe he should rebrand his business as 'Burqa King'

Posted by: steviefboy on Mar 20, 08 | 11:16 pm

I suppose I'd be arrested for wearing what I normally wear.

Or don't. :-)

Posted by: Batbitch on Mar 21, 08 | 7:25 am

Markwe: I had eight different types of coffee while I was in Kuwait - I kid you not. Their local version is a mild brew flavored with either cardomon or almond or something - you can buy little sachets for special one shot machines. It comes in a very small handleless cup, the size of an oolong tea cup. They give it to you on the Doha - Kuwait flght with Qatar Airways.

StevieBoy: Ha ha ha. The Burqas are better at Hungry Rashids? Marketing burqas, who would have thought it was so complicated?

BB: surpsrisingly there's a mix and VERY Western wear is accepted here - it's no Saudi Arabia. I nearly broke my neck when one gorgeous almost undressed girl walked past last night, you'd think she was headed to Sentosa. Or the 4FoW. I think she had red hair too...

p.s. how come I've got about 200 hits to this post already? Must check the stats machine, find out what's going on.

Posted by: expat@large on Mar 21, 08 | 4:05 pm

Dick: they always have been.

Sav: white coffee is what we all say in Aus for a nothing-special coffee, say instant or brewed. Or "flat white", meaning no froth on top. Yes Saudi is a different fish in the sex segregation kettle. They have opened a female only hotel in Riyadh. You've come a long way baby!

Posted by: expat@large on Mar 21, 08 | 4:13 pm

i loved the last line in that article, sugar! "Another said dismissively: "You know what they're saying about this place, that it's the hotel for lesbians."
thanks for the giggle!

Posted by: savannah on Mar 21, 08 | 7:30 pm

Sav: What, am I supposed to read the all stuff I link to these days! Damn, I missed that!

Posted by: expat@large on Mar 21, 08 | 8:17 pm


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