G'day Moite: Reduxed to Tears

E@L has been hit with some criticism re: his Great Aussie National Pride for suggesting that the traditional Aussie greeting is not necessarily the most euphonious of diphthongs in the history of nasal intonations.

For the record again: E@L is not a flag waving nationalist. He sees nationalism as step on the path to fascism, racism, religionism, and all other bad ism-isms. As Patrick White sort-of-said in my quote of a few posts or comments ago (I can't find it now): "nationalism leads to such terrible things."

So no, everything Australian is not perfect. When I am in Australia I blog about the imperfections which strike me as amusing or indicative. Ditto India, Singapore, Hong Kong, America, Libya.

If you want to read about how brilliant someplace YOU love is, and I am there, this is not necessarily the blog for you.

(I can't believe I have to keep explaining this.)


Hello Hitman

UNDERWORLD hitman Andrew Veniamin said "Hello mate" before he shot Victor Pierce dead almost six years ago. The Melbourne Magistates Court heard that the since slain Veniamin believed he had to kill Pierce before Pierce killed him. The alleged getaway driver, Faruk Orman, faced a committal hearing charged with the murder of Pierce, 42, who was shot as he sat in his car in Port Melbourne in 2002.* More at The Australian, March 13 2008, p7.

* (Quoted from the Perth print edition.)



Posted by: expat@large on Mar 13, 08 | 10:41 am | Profile


Ah Benji Veniamin!! A true pillar of Melbourne society. And ever so polite, even when he's about to blow your fuckin' head off! The rest of the story in the Melbourne paper told how the gun he had in hand jammed but he just reached into the pocket for another and finished the job. Not only polite but always prepared, just like the scouts.

Posted by: Pete3859 on Mar 13, 08 | 8:35 pm

A fuckin' charmin' bloke - a protoge of Chopper Reid or just another underworld idiot? Pillar of society - does that mean he is buried in a weight-bearing concrete plinth somewhere pretty, with a nice view?

Posted by: expat@large on Mar 14, 08 | 8:30 pm

No fuckin' idea where he is interred but he ended up meeting the same sort of demise as his victims. Shot in "apparent" self-defence (acquitted at trial) by a colleague of some of Benji's past jobs.

Posted by: Pete3859 on Mar 18, 08 | 3:02 pm


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