Friendly. Mostly.

Apart from all the horror stories I am reading in the paper and hearing on the radio about police being attacked, and groups of mad drunken thugs attacking people wiylly-nilly, etc,... Perth seems quite a cheery town!

I had forgotten how pretty it is along the Swan River.

I had also forgotten how friendly Australians are, always with their "G'day moite", always ready for a natter and long slow "Yaaaaiiirrrssss," when they are not sure if they agree with you. The lady at the sunglasses shop, the woman at the bookstore, the girls at the pub-counter... All so ready with the chatter, the story of their Uncle Ted's back operation, Nan's prolapse, young Megan's next pregnancy (she'll never get past fourth form at this rate!) , so ready with the funny one-liner back at you.

Fucking annoying bloody ever-smiling nodding winking going the feint on your balls JAFAs!

Your hip? What about my foot operation, eh Granny?! What about that, eh? Eh?

Granny: (holding hand to ear) Eh?


The brain has ceased to function. It's practically permanently incapacitated.

I left my glasses in the lab yesterday. Had to get the Senior Scientist off the phone to come and swish her swiper card over the gizmo to let me back in.

Left my glasses in the hotel room this afternoon. Got to the lobby and remembered. Went back up to get them - was locked out! Had left my room-card for my swiper gizmo inside the room. Had to go down again, get another one.

Drove home tonight from the restaurant at The "Old" (no 'e', just not really old) Swan Brewery Restaurant - very nice beef cheek in something jus. Had driven for about 15 minutes when a car behind me flashed. I had not turned my lights on.

Shoot me please. But not till after tomorrow. Only a morning session, might be able play golf in the heat of the afternoon.

No doubt I've about 37 typos in this post, including entire phrases and words missing.



Posted by: expat@large on Mar 11, 08 | 11:28 pm | Profile


Any chance of you dropping by Sydney?

Posted by: VirginPornStar on Mar 12, 08 | 9:21 am

Went to the golf course...forgot your balls :-)

Posted by: Indiana on Mar 12, 08 | 10:06 am

So what are you saying? You have got used to the locals being friendly while living in another place? A place known for their warm and friendly welcome?

Oh sorry, that is only on the national carrier, so silly of me to forget...

Posted by: sino man on Mar 12, 08 | 7:29 pm

VPS: hopefully soon, but not htis trip.

Indy: had a nap instead - I'm an old man!

Sino: yep the locals love me...

Forgot to mention the great splooge of cauliflower au gratin I wore on my shirt for most of the evening, looking totally the Sir Les Patterson clone.

Posted by: expat@large on Mar 12, 08 | 7:45 pm


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