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I am thinking of renaming this blog "The Techno-Glitch World of E@L".

All I wanted to do was put the Robert Plant / Alison Krauss album onto my iRiver CLIX2, (as opposed to the iPod which already has it, but is too fucking bulky for my shirt pocket as I head to the office to retrieve my old laptop.)

Obviously I had to use either the iRiver's native program itself (now on the previous hard-disk, installed by the previous, crashed, version of Windows XP and I couldn't be fucked reinstalling it) or Windows Media Player, which recognizes the iRiver.

iTunes of course iGnores the iRiver.


WMP would not recognize... the folder with the ripped songs in it. Yes, they are MP3s. Yes, I ripped them with iTunes, but only because iTunes would not recognise them if WMP rippped them.

So I cannot play this album with WMP as it refuses to even admit that it is on my hard-drive. I even added the specific folder to the synch list.

In the end I had to just copy and paste with Explorer.

Ah fuck, no that doesn't seem to work either, because the play-list database doesn't refresh itself unless synched rather than copied... [Addendum before I head out - been at this for 90 mins already - I am rebuilding the database on the iRiver itself. Yes, it's there now.] [Addendum 2: 4 hours later, I am so sick of this album. Couldn't figure out how to stop Repeat All. OK, ok, I've got it now.]

Sigh. I fuckingwell kid you not.

Any more of this shit and I am going back to vinyl, back to fucking cassettes!

iQuid pro iQuo -- well fuck it, because iQuit.

No wonder I get nothing done.



Posted by: expat@large on Mar 02, 08 | 11:40 am | Profile


And could you have just not lived without that album for a few hours?

Posted by: Indiana on Mar 02, 08 | 12:59 pm

Welcome to the world of Apple not making things compatible with DOS, I mean Windows.

Posted by: The Bludger on Mar 03, 08 | 7:43 pm

Indy: no, of course not. Stupid question.

Bludger: I never purchased the freaking iPod, it was a leftover from a conference that they would have given to someone less worthy. I already have enough compatability issue without throwing Steve Jobs' shallow meretricious "design/fashion" products. Also my latest update of iTunes is freezing in mid-function, the mutha. Any one else have that?

Posted by: expat@large on Mar 04, 08 | 12:09 am


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