Brief Foot Update 6 weeks post Morton's Neuroma Excision | The Joker | Brief Family Update

The balls of the feet are still sore: think somewhere between running a marathon in business shoes which are connected to the terminals of a car-battery, and three hours of bastinado with a 2-inch steel pipe (also connected to a battery terminal). It feels like a combination of bruising and electric shocks - the latter being the nerves growing back, so Dr Mengele says. Not sure how much longer this will take to go away. They feet were paining all the way back from Tokyo to Singapore today - maybe from all that walking around Tachikawa last night, trying to get away from the Korean girl!

The stubborn pseudomonas infection seems finally to have gone, hurrah. Finished my sixth week of anitbiotics today. The wounds on my right foot are 95% healed: no pain from them. The left foot, only 80%, with scabs still on the wounds but no more exudate (weeping). Still getting the occasional stabbing pain of electric burning right through the wound over the 2-3 metatarsal joint, plus it remains sensitive to touch. Ouch.

When I am lying down in bed to go to sleep (as I will be in 5 minutes when I finish spell-checking this) the feet have been pretty much fine. The pain I used to get 24/7 at least is gone during the night-time, although I still need my Merrill slippers to walk on the parquetry or on the marble tiles.

OK. Enough. Send money. Send offers of BJs. I'm here till tomorrow folks, tell your friends and family.


Which reminds, joking about being a joker, I had an absolute blast during the training, laughing with an hilarious American girl (from Miami) at one of the work dinners. She DOES meet my specs btw, plus she thinks I'm adorable (and so I am!) - problem? She lives in freaking Switzerland!

We had 'em laughing in the aisles though, it was SOOO funny.

Doing blow-up sex doll gags, I did this round-lipped imitation of a doll, arms out rocking from side-to-side, like it was alive… Everyone laughing A LOT! (OK, you had to be there!)

Someone said, what if the doll developed a leak and flew out of your hotel window?... More people laughing!

I said, what if you buddy in the next room SAW it fly out the window, he'd think you were dating Supergirl! My Super-Ex-Blow-Up-Girlfriend!... Laughter EVERYWHERE...

I turn and see Miami/Switzerland lady next to me doing the same blow-up doll imitation as I did, rounded lips hiding teeth but with her hands beside her head, flying like a super-hero... HYSTERIA!!!

I nearly creamed myself at this, laughing hysterically, I really WAS rolling on the floor, (again with the cushion seats on the floor) -- it was soooooooooooo fucking funny....

Ah dear, I'm crying again just thinking about it...

Also at some stage during the night, she teased back at her young French boss (who was perhaps coming on to her a bit strong -- everyone else noticed it! Mr Glue they called him) with this line; "You're talking man, but all I'm hearing is blah-blah, blah-blah."

Apparently (had to be reminded next day) I then said: "These French, they talk, all I hear is la-blah le-blah, le-blah la-blah..." Laughter, at least from her! Again, being there would have helped I am sure.

I remember laughing most of the night. It was great. Fuck, that sake is strong, if you have enough of it!

Next morning I feigned an apology to Miami/Switzerland girl for being silly, using the tried and trusted "I am on prescription medications" excuse. She laughed again.


Good knees, I mean news, from the family home front. My brother-in-law has just seen through a REALLY tough medical tribunal assessment about the traumatic arthritis to both his knees and got a positive result today!

He will get his Work-Cover insurance payments back and also will be eligible for coverage for his knee-replacement surgery.

My sister was positively unmanageable with stress during the lead up to this as she researched arguments to give on his behalf, while trying to cope financially in a high-interest-rate country on a suddenly reduced income. They were even thinking of selling their home. So with any luck she'll be settling down nicely to domestic bliss and can now cancel her subscription to The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery.

BTW for the knee replacements, I'm not recommending MY orthopaedic surgeon! (who may or may not be TheCitizen!)



Posted by: expat@large on Mar 01, 08 | 11:19 pm | Profile


That is good news about the feet. And the American girl. We'll soon have you hopping around the Swiss Alps like a mountain goat.

Posted by: Dick on Mar 02, 08 | 3:09 am

Ahhh, the bastinado. Now that had style. Although probably not as effective as putting the offender in jail and letting them watch TV, work out and smoke cigarettes all day.

Posted by: Creepy on Mar 02, 08 | 10:49 pm

Dick: like a RANDY mountain goat.

Creepy: beats the hell out of soft cushions. Literally.

Posted by: expat@large on Mar 02, 08 | 11:05 pm

Mmmm. Photographic evidence of Miami/Switzerland girl????

Posted by: Pete3859 on Mar 03, 08 | 5:19 pm

Yes-We want PIX!

Posted by: Skippy-san on Mar 04, 08 | 12:05 am

Camera is in drawer at work, has been for three weeks. Trying to get aphone-camera photo of one of the origami flowers from my phone to the computer somehow. I am on on the old laptop and it doesn't have Bluetooth and is ignoring the infrared link. Trying to email it. Also the Wifi in the hotel keeps dropping out.

Posted by: expat@large on Mar 04, 08 | 12:49 am

good luck with the girl! maybe the taxis are better in switzerland?

Posted by: knobby on Mar 09, 08 | 2:57 pm


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