Night Of Horror

Couldn't sleep last night, didn't get a freaking wink.

The foot pain is resurgent as my drugs ran out on Saturday and my toes are now hypersensitive to the air-con, to the sheet resting on them, to movement, to stillness, to warmth: those needles of burning pain are back.

And I'm hypersensitive to that fact they should be numb and painless!

To an extent a night without sleep might be something of a respite - Thursday night in Hua Hin, I sort of slept, after drinking way too much wine, etc... This did not mix at all well with my medication and I suffered through a series of half-hallucination type dreams - the bed as carousel turing around in some strange beach scene, very strong sense of realism, yet a sense of knowing this was a dream ... anyway they were odd and unnerving dreams and I don't want that again.

Apart frome this weirdness with alcohol, sudden cessation of the Lyrica also can prompt...


So to do nothing except toss and turn was to be expected. Instead I gave up, got up and watched a movie. Eastern Promises - the new Cronenburg flick. Typically gruesome but strangely uninvolving - to make this Russian mafioso with a heart yarn set in Londonski out to be some sort of remake of The Godfather would be really stretching it, there was no real sense of respect for the Russian family and rituals, although they tried to do that with several set-piece dinners in the flash restaurant around which much of the action centred.

And then, being retrosceptical, E@L notes that the first murder/assassination didn't seem plausible when you look back at it... The kid was mentally retarded - touched by angels all right, he was starved of oxygen at birth, which incidentally should have been the same effect on the just lying there un-animatronic doll we were expected to believe was an at risk newborn snatched from a hostile uterus of a 14 year-old dying heroin addict by Naomi Watts, a few minutes (in the movie) later.

Which remionds me! Not enough (none) of Naomi Watts naked. Far too much of Viggo Mortensen naked, taking on two Chechen assailants in a sauna with just his bare scrotum, two fluffy balls on a string, a pair of sweaty socks (he tried to gas them - groan!)... and some gruesome looking knives.

That (the entire movie not just that scene) kept me moderately entertained until 3 or so.

As a result of not having my prescription medicine I have been taking my own painkillers - Panadol Extend. They don't agree with me either. So on top of it all , I get indigestion and acid-reflux setting in for the rest of the night. Belching and heartburn. Had nothing with which to ease it. So I sat up and read. The feet were still playing up of course.

I finally finished reading I Am Legend, Richard Matheson's pulp zombie/vampire/last-man-on-earth-oh-no-he's-not book, which was the plan before I watch the moive later this week. I can't remember Omega Man, and I hear this latest one is a cop-out. That would be a pity. The book's ending has a nicely twisted tail.

OK. I'm rambling. Just killing time telling you this before I go for to see the Doctor. And get some more painkillers! And there a group of clients and staff in from Pakistan for training (by me, 100% 2 weeks) starting today. And I haven't prepared anything, natch. Lucky I'm good at winging it. Lucky I can send them shopping.

Yep. I'm rambling, I'm exhausted, I'm hysterical, I'm


p.s. I'm apologising for typos as well, there's bound to be a million in there...


Posted by: expat@large on Feb 11, 08 | 7:43 am | Profile


Ouch - sorry to hear about those feet! ... but here is a distraction for you - another paradigm breaking bit of research - artificial sweeteners solve the problems of excessive calorie intake? ... but what if the "tasting of sweetness" is part of caloric intake regulation? Reported in TheAge ...(and I love the spin by the spokeswoman for the industry association, which so carefully "misunderstands" and discounts the research as drawing simplistic conclusions - when in fact the research implies obesity is a more complex issue than we think!) it).

Posted by: markwe on Feb 12, 08 | 11:52 am

Mark: thanks.

I've been meaning to add this great site to my links and to do a blog post about it. A guy at The Guardian has a column where he analyses the quality of science journalism and of science itself. It's a definite for the RSS feeds... (for geeks like us anyway)


Posted by: expat@large on Feb 12, 08 | 12:20 pm

Have problems sleeping of late too. Maybe I should fly down to Singapore and we can stay up late and do...things together. ;-)

Posted by: VirginPornStar on Feb 12, 08 | 10:30 pm

VPS: oh yes, we could... watch a movie, read a book, apply some antibacterial lotion to my open sores...

Posted by: expat@large on Feb 12, 08 | 11:09 pm


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