This Is Amazing!

This is Amazing!

Forward this message to all your Facebook, um, friends and within 3 nanoseconds they will know that you're a gullible idiot completely incapable of independant thought and precogitated action!

Now you know this about me too!!!


It's what I was 'told' to do and I didn't think about it before I pressed the prominent and inviting FORWARD button. I did it without considering what consequences my actions might have or what my faintly known acquaintances might think of me, and therefore Unselecting All, or indeed not clicking FORWARD at all! (because there is no DELETE THIS SPAM CRAP option!)

In fact I didn't even read the entire message!! I just CLICKED.

IT'S AMAZING stupid I am.

Now you all think I'm socially inept moron desperately seeking approval and acceptance in your small-world-view cliques!


Pass this on..... more people on Facebook need to tell their, um, friends this terrifically revealing and liberating fact about themselves!!!



p.s. I was TEMPTED, but I didn't add any Superwall Invitations - so if you know me on Facebook and haven't already received this, it's because you don't have SuperWall.

This is NOT a bad thing. LOL!

p.p.s. - thanks Isabella for forwarding me the "FUCK ALL will happen" version of this. I just thought about if for a second and it struck me; hey, that's not true. Something WILL happen! People will think I'm a fucking idiot caught up in yet another viral chain-mail phenomenon - and I don't consider that to be FUCK ALL at all, really! Do you?


Posted by: expat@large on Feb 10, 08 | 11:22 am | Profile


No, not really..

Reminds me of when I roughly draft an e-mail to edit later and instead of pressing 'Save' to Journal button, inadvertently press 'Send'! Oops... The consequences can be almost dire, but then again there could be worse things (maybe?)

Posted by: Sister on Feb 11, 08 | 5:40 pm

My old boss once "Forwarded To All" an email from the President of the
Company asking people to not press "Forward To All", and of course a copy automatically went back the President...

Posted by: expat@large on Feb 11, 08 | 6:43 pm


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