To Sugar Or Not Two Sugars?

Some disturbing and potentially paradigm-breaking medical news I saw today in the New York Times.

1: A study showed that significantly more diabetics in one group, who were taking their blood-sugar to very low levels (thought to be a GOOD thing), were dying of heart attacks than were the diabetics in a more moderate regime. That part of the study had to be stopped!

2: There is a strong association of metabolic disease (obesity, high cholesterol high BLOOD SUGAR) in people who drink DIET drinks!

Fucking hell!

When I get pinged and ridiculed for eating a cheese-burger with fries AND A DIET COKE, my usual response is: -

"It's the sugar, man, not the calories! I'm fending off diabetes, here!"

This might no longer be acceptable...


Pity is, I prefer the taste of Diet Coke (Lite) (Zero) or (Diet) Pepsi Max. The fully-sugared ones are repulsive.

I have a longer response in mind, but the shuttle bus to the Burger King in town is here...



Posted by: expat@large on Feb 07, 08 | 6:33 pm | Profile


My god, where did you get that study from? The one about diet coke. I know what you mean about the taste. The real sugar ones leave this sticky feeling in my mouth, AND they make my teeth hurt.

How are you coping with Chinese New Year?


Posted by: isabella on Feb 07, 08 | 7:17 pm

Yeah, that's what the hooker in Lolita's BJ bar said to me tonight...

Happy CNY baby! Gong Xi Fa Chi or whatever! Ow my feet hurt but that Black Russian tasted nice...

Posted by: expat@large on Feb 07, 08 | 11:47 pm

Fascinating - I love to see these paradigm breaking studies in any field, but they are so common in the medical fields - I read once " a medical fact only remains a fact for 40 years before it is disproven" - which probably stretches the truth, and I guess we will see less and less paradigm breaking moments a the science gets more and more refined. But they are still fascinating events.

Posted by: markwe on Feb 08, 08 | 3:15 pm

I'm for breaking paradigms period. Any paradigm will do.

Posted by: Dick on Feb 09, 08 | 12:47 am

Mark: There was another one two weeks ago, about cholesterol drugs and
arterial thickening, the bad cholesterol went down, but the arterial
thickening - hence the assumed cardiac risk for a blockage - didn't.

The association of salt and hiugh blood pressure was only ever an
incidental observation, never directly proven until a few years ago,
and even that one study was a bit dodgy.

The benefits of olive oil may also be a myth.

We are not descended from monkeys, they have descended from me. At
least the girl I shagged last night LOOKED like a monkey.

Dick: If you're gonna break something, make it a paradigm. O'Clasting icons
is also good.

Posted by: expat@large on Feb 09, 08 | 11:44 am

Hate paradigms myself, as well as diet drinks - yuk! No wonder they make my heart race. Sugar is natural at least - shame they're so heavy-handed with it in softdrinks, but diluting with soda helps..

Not a medical person, but isn't it a known fact that it's dangerous when blood sugar levels become too low? No wonder those people died! I have an insulin-dependent diabetic relative who sometimes has to have a mars bar to balance out the levels.

Posted by: Sister on Feb 09, 08 | 7:03 pm

Ah, how paradigms make my heart race too...

Posted by: expat@large on Feb 09, 08 | 7:44 pm

Yes that's paradigms for you. No sooner do you get one set up that someone shatters it. Same thing with icons....find one you're happy with...and along come the clasters. Striking a balance that's the trick.

Posted by: Dick on Feb 10, 08 | 11:30 pm

I'd be with you Dick, except those fine balancers are on strike at the moment.

There weren't getting their Mars a day.

Posted by: expat@large on Feb 10, 08 | 11:36 pm


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