Timeless Poetry

No wonder I love literartchure so much!

Annotations: Philip Island is a "holiday" destination south-east of Melbourne. That's in Australia. It (P.I.) is "famous" for its motorcycle racing track, its gentle local penguins, its aggressive local surfers and for being the home of one Graeme "Shirley" Strachan - yet another dead Australian entertainment "personality", former lead "singer" of Skyhooks, a "popular" band in the 70's and 80's in several target demographics of Australian adolescents. Woolamai is Philip Island's largest shopping strip. Coincidentally, on the TV show from which this clip is taken, acuminoglossal* lead guitarist of said Skyhooks, Redmond "Red" Symonds, now an excellent (and also genuinely funny) Australian radio personality, OK Melbournian radio personality, was usually one of the judges but not on this particular night. Small "world", eh?


Raymond J Bartholemeuz is the brilliant character of Aussie comedian, Brian Nankervis. Full text of this poem is found on the link as well.

Someone needs to get E@L the Let The Blood Run Free DVD for Xmas (which he doesn't believe in either).


And I thought I slept through all those years: I must have been at least partly awake after all.


*pointy tongued


Posted by: expat@large on Feb 06, 08 | 12:24 am | Profile


You are truly a man of the people Expat. The way you expose the uninitiated the joys of culture is masterful. Raymond J was peaking all those years ago with his tortured prose delivery.

However I would not be a 'know it all' Melbournian if I did not correct the error in you Philip Island guide, Cowes is the main town down at the Yobbo Isle, Woolamai is a smaller surfy type centre close to where the bridge comes over from San Remo mate.

Posted by: sino man on Feb 06, 08 | 10:49 am

Of course, Sino - me cowboy,me cowboy, me mexican cowboy....

I am sure you are right - the turpitudinous township of Cowes totally slipped from my memory, as it hopefully has done for the countless hundreds of tourists who have enjoyed its welcoming glow (ever see Wake In Fright?). We Sleepy Hollowites are quite blissfully ignorant of the niceties of anything that lies too far East of the MCG. I know of Woolmai and Cat Bay only from my surfing daze - why would you bother knowing anything else about the world when the stamping ground of your youth had the infinite variey of touristical treasures that is the Great Ocean Road? Point Addis, Kennett River, Boggy Creek - these truly are names with which to conjure! Cowes? What a dull shithole!

Posted by: expat@large on Feb 06, 08 | 11:10 am

p.s. I was trying to imitate the "tortured" syntax of RJB in my poetical SHED comment the other day.

Posted by: expat@large on Feb 06, 08 | 12:02 pm


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