Light Blogging Ahead - Redux II

No need for night vigils etc, I'm getting a new computer on Monday or Tuesday, so until then it might be a bit quiet around here.

Talk amongst yourselves.


About to call the taxi now for the airport and of course the bowels start to signal things. Lucky I've enough toilet paper!


To give you all something gross to visualize and snicker about, I'll be wearing sandals *with socks* for the flight. I'm hoping that my hobbling will make it OK in the eyes of observers. Like "He must be wearing socks for medical reasons", they'll say.

And they'll be right.



Posted by: expat@large on Jan 27, 08 | 11:56 am | Profile


Hey look at that old hippie! Not too many of them left.

Posted by: Dick on Jan 28, 08 | 1:26 am

Just wear your best tie-dye and look stoned.

Posted by: Indiana on Jan 28, 08 | 10:30 am

For some reason I find that visual incredibly adorable.

Posted by: VirginPornStar on Jan 28, 08 | 1:04 pm

Just to add, nobody else but you could make "sandals with socks" look adorable to me. :P

Posted by: VirginPornStar on Jan 28, 08 | 1:05 pm

Maybe it will start a trend - the surgical socks and sandals look

Posted by: steviefboy on Jan 28, 08 | 6:20 pm

My advice is to drink heavily!

Posted by: Skippy-san on Jan 28, 08 | 8:08 pm

while you're at it. might as well pack up everything and rot in Thailand and do not come back to spore. you dont belong here anyway. to your fucking old mind - the people here sucks, the government sucks. this place is not for you. so just go away and NEVER come back.

get your bread and butter in the "land of the smiles" where those cheap girls will treat you like a king. in spore, we just dont have space for a free loader like you - getting good of our good economy.

its karma - talk and write bad and see what happens now?? a pair of bad feet.

Posted by: OneUpYours on Jan 28, 08 | 10:28 pm

Well, hey, you did talk amongst yourselves!

Updates on the feet coming - no more green tinge but still weeping...

Hey a new member with a fairly unique and illuminating point of view!

OneUpYours: I would love to leave, but you got me for a little while longer. See you for beers at Boat Qauy one night,what? We'll catch a pedicap up to Orchard for a laugh!

No doubt you are the person who totally missed the boat on the real meaning behind my post on the Pedicab-Uncle. You still don't get it do you? Everywhere is shit, and all people in the world have the potential to be bastards, I just happen to live in Singapore and when I see Singaporeans act like Nazis, I describe it.

Hey, got an idea, why don't you try break out of that 271.8 sq mile brain of yours and have a look around - but oops you're not going to see much on Singapore TV or in the Singapore press, so maybe YOU should get out of Singapore and experience first hand a bit more of the world... see where I am coming from. The funniest thing, many well educated and very intelligent Singaporeans agree with me about their country's politics, and have left the place with no regrets - many of course still love it as their home and despair over it too...

So anyway, don't feel special, for your further reference, please note that I am quite eclectic in the countries I dislike - I also hate Indonesia, most of Malaysia, a lot of Thailand - the tourist traps and the corruption induced poverty, great chunks of Australia (an open-cut mine with an ocean view and full of roughneck bigoted violent people), China entirely, Taiwan has its moments, as does Korea, Cambodia is smashing Angkor Wat to bits in the name of ecotourism, Myanmar is a prison, India is a rubbish dumb, USA -don't start me, England OMG, France is OK as they weren't sucked in by the Iraq WMD patent bullshit, ... do you want me to go on?

OUY: p.s. while you are out shopping in Orchard, why don't you pick up a sense of humour somewhere.

Thanks for dropping by.

Posted by: expat@large on Jan 28, 08 | 11:31 pm

OnUpYours: I have commented on Singapore (or Singaporeans) only three times in the last two weeks:

1: Taxi driver moron - a continuation of a blogging riff I started in Hong Kong 4 years ago.

2: A link to an article describing how Dr Chee was "tortured" by Singaporean prison guards with two air conditioners! (They're doing that to me every time I get into an SE-Asian taxi!)

3: A link to an article by Catherine Lim complaining that an article of hers on free speech and human rights in Singapore had not been accepted for publication!!!

You really are out on a Lim!

Quote: A climate of fear that stops citizens from speaking out against the government could eventually lead to the decline of Singapore, novelist Catherine Lim says. Endquote.

Laughing out loud! You loose again, OneUpYours.

OK, I'm gonna ignore you from now on. Unless you fight back...

Posted by: expat@large on Jan 28, 08 | 11:56 pm

Ow, my feet hurt. It must be karma > I was having so much fun!

Posted by: expat@large on Jan 28, 08 | 11:57 pm

i JUST love it by putting up a few sentences, i'm able to elicit a long retort.

you can quote Cath Lim's for all you to want.




Posted by: OneUpYours on Jan 29, 08 | 1:24 pm got hate mail :-)

And its at least 50% are, after all, old!

I know because I was at your "old-man birthday" :-)

Posted by: Indiana on Jan 29, 08 | 5:23 pm

Indiana: LOL! Yes I have the ability to polarise people into two groups: Normal, intelligent people and OneUpYours

OUY: Call that fighting back? Just swearing and yelling? Pathetic.

Yes, lucky you, you got a long retort (here's another one) to which you are apparently incapable of responding, due no doubt to your not being able to string a coherent argument together to support your assertions of my... my what?

Saying that Singapore Government sucks...? Of course it does. There are heaps of posts on that, and not just on my blog, there are books and articles all over the world to support such a reasonable stance. The Singapore Government with its money laundering ways and your precious MM with his whimsical and arbitrary rules have been ridiculed and laughed at for decades. Nothing has changed in that regard. Singapore is full of people who hate the place - locals and expats and PR alike find it oppressive and scary. Do you have any gay friends? No, you'd probably bash gays rather than talk to them. If you did, why not ask what they think. Or go read Yawning Breads blogs, or Xenoboys, or MollyMeek... I'm just one expat who is not afraid to be talking out loud, but what I say is very tame, just a small tiny fraction of what so many people really think.

Saying that Singaporeans suck...? There is no evidence of that because such a thought is a misreading of some my more controversial posts. Maybe that's because they are *ironic* and irony is too complex a rhetorical device for you to cope with on a weekday.

And so, someone who can't argue back and goes apopleptic with rage instead is more likely to be the childish "retard", I'm thinking.

And I'm also thinking you should go back to reading Xiaxue and having a relaxing wank over her photoshopped pictures of a blissfully ignorant, perfect Singaporean world, Disneyland with Dickheads....

OK here's some more fodder for you to mull over and tell me to fuck off over...

Ask yourself why your precious Governement keeps calling for more and more foreign talent, is it because...

Is it becasue there so many intellectually ineffectual people like yourself, OUP, inhabiting the dreary heartlands?

I'll give you one more shot at responding, if you can't come up with something substantial ... you're gonna be blocked from this site.

Maybe I'm too nice a guy letting an angry ah beng like yourself have another chance, but it's such a charitable soul I have...

Posted by: expat@large on Jan 29, 08 | 6:05 pm




Posted by: OneUpYours on Jan 29, 08 | 7:22 pm




Posted by: OneUpYours on Jan 29, 08 | 7:38 pm

Dude, you have just proven yourself to be an idiot with no talent, no intelligence and I have no time for you.

Never come back here again.

p.s. Your IP address is also banned.

Posted by: expat@large on Jan 29, 08 | 8:21 pm

Well, that was disappointing.

It's been a while since I got any hate-comments and it turns out the person is an total intellectual fizzer. I was hoping for some good attacking cut and thrusts of some smart-arse debate, or at least some inventive invective: turns out all the moron could do was swear.

Bummer. I have no-one to take my grumpiness out on.

Where are the smart people who hate me? I want to see some clever hate-spammers, not these dumb fucks.

Posted by: expat@large on Jan 29, 08 | 8:36 pm


Singapore is not 'your' country alone! It belongs to everyone who makes it their home, and contributes of their worth and skills and money, E@L included.

There are not too many countries with perfect governments - actually I can't think of any, and if people don't recognise, criticise, condemn or fight injustice, how can improvements come about?

I think E@L has been particularly patient with you and your filthy, hateful abuse. He has wasted too much of his intelligence and time on reponding to you - because your childish insults are not worth acknowledging. BTW if you think 50 is 'old', I would assume you're not even 18, let alone 20. You just sound like a very nasty, emotionally-disturbed child having a vile temper tantrum!

I've been attempting to decipher the particular dialect you speak, as to ascertain what part of Singapore you originate. Your manner of speech and inflections have helped me work it out at last:-


Posted by: Sister on Jan 29, 08 | 9:52 pm

see what I mean, some guy that can't get laid.

Posted by: Milos Sadik on Jan 31, 08 | 11:21 pm

And I CAN get laid? Not even in Bangkok... what with the sore feet and the drugs I couldn't be bothered trying for a nice Thursday evening wank...

Posted by: expat@large on Feb 01, 08 | 12:14 am


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