I Should Be Packing : Various Digressions

But I was blurfing and now I'm blogging. Anything but get my bags packed until the last minute, i.e. tomorrow morning.

I'm off to Thailand for a fortnight. The first week is for work, not easy work, but hard work this time (a product demo), and the second week for pleasurable feet-up leisure; a restful contemplative holiday at a quiet place a few Ks out of Hua Hin. I know Spike thinks Hua Hin is too quiet or too boring or something, but I do enjoy a respite from the hassle and depressing hustle of partying at BKK, Phuket or Pattaya. I can still get my genuine massages, and my rub and my tug, as required. There are a couple of relaxed billiards/beer bars I have been too a few times, that I need to write up for you as well.

Or start the novel, again. Maybe I should try writing some porn stories instead... Just a thought.


Sometime during next week, depending upon work commitments for both of us, I intend to catch up with almost former, till she updated today, blogger Madame Chiang who is working in Bangkok now of course. Also, and totally coincidentally, Indiana Jones will be there for a few days, so we might try to keep the party atmosphere alive... although because of antibiotics (again, see below) I won't be drinking.

Also next week I will getting a new laptop for work, despite being told, "No No No, you can't have one for another two years." Don't ask how the funding for this works, OK! It's all very hush-hush... (Hidden in a confernce budget or something.)


Speaking of new laptops, I chanced upon the Apple shop in Wheelock Place today and caught a brief glimpse of the video of Steve Jobs unveiling the Anorexia-Book or whatever it's called. The two minutes of the presentation that I saw would have to be the most inept, false and clumsy Powerpoint presentation I have experienced since my own early days. He was obviously prompted and didn't have a fucking clue what the next line of text was going to be, and therefore the pacing was jumpy and hesitant and hence deadly slow (while he read the display and listened to his in-ear prompter before speaking). It just didn't flow smoothly at all, it was like drawing teeth from a chicken. I was very surprised. Negatively.

To my way of thinking, it seemed like he had nothing to say, he knew he had nothing to say (it's a thin notebook, BFD!), but he had to say something, but nothing from his own mind or heart, only the dribble written by his spin-technicians, pumped into his auricle. Thin notebook, equally thin presentation. He wasn't thinking. He was a ham actor in a stilted, corporate passionless play. And it was an atrocious performance.


Speaking of atrocious:

Update: the feet. I think I'll leave the FULL story till when I have some spare time, lying by the pool in Hua Hin over Chinese New Year.

Instead, the short version is that there is a stubborn pseudomonas infection in three of the incisions sites which requires an additional type (ciproflaxin) and a doubling of the dose of antibiotics. The green tinge around the dressings indicated the presence of siderophore, an iron chelate that is characteristic of these bugs he said, although he didn't seem to notice it last week when there was just as much green. I should/could be healed already if he had, I am thinking: grrrrr...

One of the wounds has healed OK, but the other three are white edged, open and weeping, giving off a creepy sweet smell, are discoloring the dressing all green as I said, and have strong red discolorations around them (the battleground of biotes and anti-biotes - like aliens and predators!)... And they fucking HURT! Ouch AND yuck! The swelling is down a bit from last week, so overall he is happier than he was. Wish I could say the same...

All the signs of inflammation are present: functio laesa, rubor, calor, dolor, tumor and angor! Grrr!! (Look them up! I got a High Distinction for Pathology in 1976! back when I had a good, um, a good... what's it called? Ah, memory!)

The pathology results were back last week but I was too grumpy to mention that, sorry to those who are interested in this (like family). Two of the specimens from the 2-3 interdigital space showed fibrosis (scarring) around swollen nerve tissues, indicative of Morton's neuroma - as Doc had diagnosed. The other samples from the 3-4 interdigital spaces also showed fibrosis but no nerve, only vascular tissue. The nerve distribution is quite variable in the feet, so the 2-3 nerve was probably feeding the 3-4 space, meaning those extra (infected!) incisions were probably not necessary -- meaning the infection...

Oops, this is supposed to be the SHORT version. I'll stop here, before I start crying.

Anyway, Doc thought I was moving better this morning. I told him that I was in just as much pain as before, but that I have become much more skilled at hobbling.

So hobbling it'll be in BKK, limping down the ankle-wrenching higgledy-piggledy footpaths of Sukhomvit. Oh my god, I hope it doesn't rain.



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*faints* [Smoot as Machine, since she got kicked off World@Expat]

Posted by: MercerMachine on Feb 01, 08 | 12:22 am

Wait, don't faint until I finish the long version - it's got pictures!

Posted by: expat@large on Feb 01, 08 | 7:15 pm


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