Aliens V Predator II : I Haven't Seen It

And don't intend to...

...but at the amazingly eclectic Balderdash, I picked a link to Crimitism, where somebody called Ritchie gives an amazing and brilliant deconstruction of the movie in which a bunch of acid-and-testosterone-based-lifeforms kick the shit out of each to prove once again the essential Hollywood message that violence is the only feasible way to get things done in this motherfuckerrrrrr of a world.

Or any other world for that matter.

Some great quotes from the review: -

In this scene [The Jerk just acted like a jerk to The Nice Guy, E@L] , The Jerk is adopting the role of a hyper-masculine defender, making sure his opponent steers clear of his property - The Hot Girl - by proving himself to be physically stronger than his opponent, as well as undermining his opponent’s sexuality. We do, rightly, side with The Nice Guy in this situation, and The Jerk’s behaviour is enough to get him dumped (off camera) by The Hot Girl. All’s well and good, if predictable and badly written. But then the monsters attack, and The Nice Guy responds by… proving he’s the best at inflicting violence on his enemies while keeping his woman safe and screaming ‘Motherfuckerrrrrrrrrrr!’ at passing xenomorphs. This is supposed to be him maturing into a leader, but all he’s done is become the kind of aggressive, testosterone-fuelled alpha male he was fighting against an hour earlier. His targets may be Aliens who are just as capable of killing him if he doesn’t fight back, but the point remains that he spends the final act on a massive wank fantasy power trip, proving he’s the world’s biggest badass while protecting a defenseless woman who’ll fuck him when it’s all over.

Not Ripley and Her Daughter manage to make their way to a group of survivors, led by The Ex-Con. The Ex-Con is the alpha male of the human survivors; he’s protective, he’s violent, he’s got stubble, he’s the best shot and he also yells ‘Motherfuckerrrrrrrrrr!’ a lot. So much of a badass, in fact, that he even learns to use the Predator’s gun and holds off multiple aliens single-handed. He locks eyes with Not Ripley and… Yes, you can see where this is going. Nothing explicitly happens between them, but she’s clearly got a thing for him and it’s reciprocal. Her Husband, the father of her six year old daughter, died less than hour ago. It’s not that she’s moving on too quickly, it’s that she’s moving on from a gentle, controlled, affectionate man to a gung-ho, hyper-masculine psycho who can only define himself through blowing shit up and shouting, and it’s meant to be an improvement. There’s so much wrong with this I don’t know where to begin.

Oh, go read it all yourself. But be warned: no-one will care if you scream.

Ritchie nicely descries the not-so-subtle message that pervades macho films in general and pisses me off in, say Mel Gibson and the Lethal Weapon series, were all conflicts are resolved by Mel making as a zany idiot as he punches, slaps, threatens, shoots and explodes his way to win after win.

What other message is there in this except "be violent"?

My message: Be nice*.


* I make an exception for taxi-drivers.


Posted by: expat@large on Jan 26, 08 | 9:45 pm | Profile


I had an uncle whose favourite saying was "It's nice to be nice!" He was a bit macho at times though, had worked hard, and as he used to say had been through "the School of Hard Knocks" but he also had a 'soft' side - where he could be almost overly-sentimental (after a few drinks of course) but he had a deep respect for his mother.

I reckon this Yankee stuff where people say "" would really upset him!

I agree - the message of some movies these days is just Violence, Horror, Destruction, and all sorts of ugly stuff - wonder why there is so much violence today? For those of us over 20, there used to be a 'moral' in most movies in previous years.

Subtle as a sledgehammer am I...

Posted by: Sister on Jan 26, 08 | 11:32 pm

You're probably right about all the swearing these days.

My blog is no exception and no doubt upsets people too.

But I enjoy that. Mostly...

I do TRY to be nice, but sometimes the bad side wins because three (nearly four!) years in frustrating Singapore has lowered my resistance...

All the violence, while we know it's make-up and special effects and computer generated, etc... but sometimes it's just SO WRONGLY presented and the inner message that gets through is a truly heinous one... that might is right.

Posted by: expat@large on Jan 27, 08 | 12:36 am


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