More WTF? More Limping

I can't post from my desktop at home! Yesterday the fucker just locked me out! I keep getting a "forbidden" error... so those of you who keep complaining about my log-in system - I HEAR YOU!, I feel your pain.


That's why there's been nothing posted despite me being at home, going stir crazy. Reading, thinking about writing.

Last night, when I should have been in bed early resting, I figured out why iTunes hadn't been putting all my songs into its library. Even Izzy, the resident geek, couldn't help. After deleting and reinstalling iTunes twice(!) I discovered that my song cupboards were bare! When I had centralized all my mp3s to the large capacity USB Hard-drive last week, the fucker of a program (Magellan Explorer) only moved the directory structure and not the contents - i.e. the songs.



Now I am back at work, posting from my laptop. I had to go in today despite not being fully recuperated in the foot department - there is training on these next two weeks and guess who is one of the key trainers. Of course I've done no preparation... It's nearly lunchtime, so I have a minute.

But my feet are still awful when I walk or stand up... or sit down. I walk like Frankenstein's monster, truly a scary sight. I am not an animal! The only releif is when the pins are up, resting on a chair or lying in bed.

Bed, yes, please... let me go back to bed...



Posted by: expat@large on Jan 17, 08 | 11:32 am | Profile


Training is going to be a barrel of monkeys with feet not working.

Do they still have the old style rickshaw available anywhere in the modern sanitized island? You could hire a 'driver' to tow you around for a while and it might make life a little more comfy.

Just a colonial suggestion. Colonel Expat

Posted by: sino man on Jan 17, 08 | 2:27 pm

I'm not allowed to mention rickshaw uncles after last time...

Posted by: expat@large on Jan 17, 08 | 3:12 pm


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