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Thinking Too Much

With my feet up, watching No Reservations with Izzy, a terrifying thought came to me --

It's been 8 years since I had anything like a real girlfriend (S. aka The MainSqueeze).

The part-time maid is coming over to cook my dinner tonight.

Are these two facts related?



Posted by: expat@large on Jan 12, 08 | 1:50 pm | Profile


Thought this might interest you...


Posted by: Dick on Jan 12, 08 | 11:49 pm

A propros of... me needing a shag?

Just what we need, more pseudo-ineffectual Aussies exhibiting rantish behaviour on the unsubscribed blogosphere... Does Clive James have nothing better to do?

Posted by: expat@large on Jan 13, 08 | 12:44 am

Well Australia still has quite a bit of catching up to do in the pedantry department.

Posted by: Dick on Jan 13, 08 | 2:14 am

I thought a girlfriend was supposed to be a part time maid-with benefits!

Or is a maid a part time girlfriend-with benefits?

Either way-seems to me like a trip to OT or Duxton Hill is order.......................

Posted by: Skippy-san on Jan 13, 08 | 10:57 am

I'll need a wing-man for that...

Posted by: expat@large on Jan 13, 08 | 1:02 pm

Once I break my shackles and get myself free of Australia Expat, I would happily perform the required wing-man duties.

Doesn't the part time maid provide a 'happy ending'?

Posted by: sino man on Jan 14, 08 | 2:49 pm

Sino- "Australia Expat" is the missus? Actually at the moment I need more than a wing-man. More like I need to repair my landing gear.

Re: happy endings and maids. Sexploitation of the serving classes does not come easily to E@L - it comes, just not easily, viz: Neptunes II, Wanchai, Sunday afternoons.

Posted by: expat@large on Jan 14, 08 | 3:06 pm


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