Whose idea was this?


I mean to say... I can't believe I volunteered to undergo this freaking torture! Two interdigital nerves on each foot, looking for an elusive Morton's neuroma. Histology not back yet.

At the least the left foot only hurts where the scars are, the toes and balls of the foot are numb. The right one still hurts in the places it was hurting before the operation. Bad sign, I am thinking.

And I mean, OK id doesn't look like much on the photo, but... SERIOUSLY... major FUCKING OUCH going on there!!!!

It hurts to sit up and type as this puts pressure on the stitches for some reason. I'm going back to bed to lie down. Sleep till nevermore...

And I'm not getting much sympathy at home here as the flatmate is sick as well.

Volunteers for delivery of tea, bickies and sympathy?



Three nights in the mostest costliest privatest hospital in Singapore and not once did any nurse offer me a clean gown. I slept in the same gown I came back from the OT for two nights, changed into my own t-shirt on day three. Also, no-one offered me a towel or a wash-cloth, nor discussed with me how to wash myself with both feet in bandages . (Let alone give me an in-bed soapie.)

Seriously though, that's pretty crap service for SGD$5,000. (An extra $10k for the surgeon and anaesthetist.)

Plus the food was SHITE! As expected...



Posted by: expat@large on Jan 11, 08 | 10:37 pm | Profile


As if you didnt know private care is crap.
GET well soon old boy--you can always get about on your knees--or skateboard

Posted by: the Ex on Jan 13, 08 | 12:02 am

Yes, where are the good old Florence Nightingales of yesteryear? Surrey?

Posted by: expat@large on Jan 13, 08 | 12:45 am

Ow, now the left one hurts more than the right... But better than yesterday.

It hurts to sit up at the desk and type. I kid you not.

Posted by: expat@large on Jan 13, 08 | 12:46 am

Signs of degenerative arthritis there, plus 'hammer toe' - plus those poor wounded feet - OMG!

Posted by: Sister on Jan 16, 08 | 11:14 pm

Where's the arthritis? Rubbish! Young feet!!! Just a bit oedematous at the moment.

Posted by: expat@large on Jan 17, 08 | 11:59 am


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