Karma (My Name Is E@L)

As I said, after reinstalling Windows last week, I ripped a pile of my old CDs, however in my neophyte nescience I forgot to reset my WMP setting to MP3 and my preferred music directory. So I was fucked if I could find them to copy the albums to my iPod. (I don't use iTunes to rip CD as a: I am synched to my laptop not my desktop so it's still a two stage process to get them on to the iPod and b: iTunes doesn't want to grab the cover art for some reason.) They were in the MyMusic folder of the new partition with my legit copy of WinXP in it and bugger me if they weren't in low-quality WMA format which the iPod doesn't recognise. Fuck.

CD-Karma for stealing my own music!


I am going under the knife tomorrow to have my feet removed, turned around, switched over and placed on the opposite sides so I can walk backwards more easily.

Joking, but I am having the Morton's nerve stripped to hopefully take away that constant ache and burning I have been whingeing about for so long. The operation is on the back (top - dorsum) of the feet so I should be able to walk on Day-2. The pain of the neuritis will be gone, however it'll still hurt like the bejesus for a few days as the top of the foot is very sensitive - drop an anvil on it if you don't believe me. I'll be in hospital two days, probably won't bring my computer in the hospital, so no blogging.

Part of my recovery will involve lying by the pool listening to my favorite songs, reading up about Love and Happiness (the current E@L intellectual exercise - ask me for a reading list), and re-drafting the novel (i.e. starting again from scratch giving up the murder mystery for the moment and concentrating on the love-story.) The rest of the recovery will involve eating pre-fab soup from The Soup-Spoon in Paragon and doing some non-standing gym work. Wish me luck.

But this evening, instead of calm meditation, psychological and legal preparation for the potential of my demise under the gasman's ineptitude, I'll be re-ripping those CDs, this time to somewhere I can find them and in the correct format.

Foot-Karma for being overweight and putting pressure on my nerves.


On Sunday afternoon, I was in Plaza Singapura getting some groceries. When I came out it was late afternoon and it was raining. Haven't we all been in this situation before, with bursting bags of shopping, storm raging, no way to get home? Chances of a taxi? Ha, laugh, as if! There will be a huge queue of grumpy people with full bladders and shopping trolleys and bored kids with soiled nappies as booked taxis wait in the No Standing for their callers.

But sweet song of hope in the darks of despair, there WAS a huge queue - of taxis! Taxis of all hues, all companies, a long line extending up past to The Atrium along Handy Rd, waiting for me! Was I in heaven? Was I in Hong Kong? What then fuck is going on?

Ah the new fare schedule! It's seems to be working in my favour! Amazing!

I asked the taxi-uncle how thing were going since the change in the pricing and schedules.

He said he is waiting all the time, waiting in taxi-ranks. I asked the taxi-uncle if he is losing any money.

"Mm, maybe. No, making 'bout the same money. But bored, waiting all the time."

"..." said E@L, as he made a finger-based gesture behind the seat with a smirk. Now all those greedy taxi-uncles who used to hide away from the ranks waiting for a frustrated booking call know how the people waiting in those interminable taxi queues used to feel.

Taxi-Karma for me because, just because...

To quote a comment on mrbrowns' blog:

I don't feel sorry for the cab drivers. Coz none of them felt sorry for me, when they passed me and my frantic waving at their empty cabs, waiting for a booking instead. So there! Dennis

I second that emotion!

Also, I wonder what the experience has been of other frequent taxi lovers?



Posted by: expat@large on Jan 07, 08 | 4:37 pm | Profile


Hey, were you at Wala Wala last nite? I wasn't sure if I saw you.

Posted by: chlim01 on Jan 07, 08 | 5:33 pm

Alvin - I can confirm that I was there, but I can't confirm that you saw me... particularly if you were looking from Phnom Penh.

Logically yours, LOL!

Posted by: expat@large on Jan 07, 08 | 5:43 pm

Shit - I should have stopped and said hi; I was with my friends at the back.

You may have heard us, especially after I had my absinthe on the rocks!

Posted by: chlim01 on Jan 07, 08 | 5:54 pm

Yeah, that's why we left, the racket up the back... LOL! Yes, you would have been welcome to sit for a chat...

So, today if your bum makes a sound like a motorcycle, remember that Absinthe makes the fart go Honda.

(can't believe I used that corny joke!)

Posted by: expat@large on Jan 07, 08 | 6:04 pm

An 'atheist' believing in Karma? Now that's interesting...

As my Hindi Indian friend and workmate many years ago once said to me - "You should pray to God, and fast..."

So which philosophy/religion are you inclined toward - Hinduism or Buddhism? Personally I think the caste system is rather cruel to Indian widows - but at least they don't have to commit suttee these days - then again being outcast, abandoned and treated as having zero worth isn't such a great option either.

Catholic nuns in the 60s and 70s are looking pretty fortunate by comparison - at least they had a choice to leave the convent if they wished... Sorry - can't help myself (Irish/Australian sarcasm again)

Hope that your op goes well - will pray to the God of our forefathers for you?

Actually - the best 'saviour' - a good surgeon, and after your operation: Analgesics - ie morphine, pethadine etc... ! Happy floating and enjoy the pool therapy.

Genuine love and best wishes that all goes well my kind friend, and hope you can get your new feet to walk you on the right spiritual track man!


Posted by: Sister on Jan 07, 08 | 7:51 pm

Hope the surgery goes well sweetie...xoxo

Posted by: VirginPornStar on Jan 08, 08 | 12:28 am

Hope they give you lots of drugs and don't sew your feet back on the wrong legs.

Posted by: Indiana on Jan 08, 08 | 3:12 pm

It's weird. I'm not paying much more for my usual taxi ride to work and they're not making much more money. WTF?

Posted by: knobby on Jan 09, 08 | 1:08 am

Good luck with the surgery. Ah, but is surgery a question of luck? Now there's a little something to ponder on while you recuperate.

Posted by: Dick on Jan 11, 08 | 12:41 am

Hope it all went well mate and the poolside recovery is relaxing.

Posted by: Pete3859 on Jan 11, 08 | 8:24 am

Thanks all.

Home at last. Izzy heated up some soup. Must sit down for the rest of the week.

Posted by: expat@large on Jan 11, 08 | 2:50 pm

Yeowch! Get well soon!

Posted by: chlim01 on Jan 11, 08 | 3:15 pm


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