Problems Solved

Computer is pretty much fixed, peoples. I found all the required drivers on the web or in cardboard boxes carefully stored away by The Mouse several years ago. Sound card is working, video card is working, ethernet card is working, mouse and keyboard are working. Anything that is not working (like some mysterious USB devices) I obviously don't need or use that much.

There are some antiquities in them there cardboard boxes, archeologists please note. I doubt I'll need the driver for my Handspring Visor ever again, or those two docking stations. Next move, I'll have do a major clean-out.


New Years Eve was a relatively peaceful and respectably pleasant night with some bloggers and friends - MM, Smoot, Betterman, Knobby and exVPS at Indy's place. E@L's Bellini Champagne Cocktails were enjoyed by most everyone, except MM who was claiming problems with his bronichals - but which didn't stop him smoking!

Hope my readers (the three of you who weren't at the party) had a good night too.


Recovery time after those Bellinis is slow. Might go hit some little white balls of a balcony this afternoon to expunge some crustifying muscles.



Posted by: expat@large on Jan 02, 08 | 12:17 pm | Profile


I've had Bellini's as my favourites for years aren't they just yummy!

Happy New Year to you.

Posted by: Mia on Jan 02, 08 | 3:38 pm

Indeed they are!

Cheers - oops can't, let the left-over peach schnapps at Indy's.

HNY 2 U 2!

Posted by: expat@large on Jan 02, 08 | 9:04 pm


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