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Evil has a Name

It is Stoli Vanil...

Nearly ended up dancing with the bar-tender rather than any of the four girls I went out with tonight. Luckily my Aussie accent got me through a tough spot - when I said a particular drink was "kick-arse", (excessively exaggerated by all and sundry to some nasally aussie/cockney drawl) all I meant was that it was nice, not that I need four more...



Posted by: expat@large on Nov 27, 07 | 4:42 pm | Profile


mate.. sounds like the bartender learnt how to speak e@l-ese, and really quickly too!

Posted by: pc on Nov 28, 07 | 1:18 pm

The bartender was from Austin, Texas, btw. Mercer's home town.

Posted by: expat@large on Nov 28, 07 | 9:42 pm

check out the Green Mill while you're in Chicago, sugar..great music!

Posted by: savannah on Nov 29, 07 | 1:28 am

That's way uptown Sav, but I'll see how I go. Tonight it's Nacional 27 for some Latino swing. Tomorrow Buddy Guy's for blues. Friday is open...

Posted by: expat@large on Nov 29, 07 | 8:25 am

how long do you have? i do hope you get a chance to do some of the architectural tours or at least see the palmer hotel (my personal favorite)

Posted by: savannah on Nov 30, 07 | 3:13 am

Heading out for a tour of the Barnes and Noble store right now...

Posted by: expat@large on Nov 30, 07 | 5:23 am

shucks, would you be complaining if you had four more babes, not drinks, instead? :D

Posted by: PeranakanDude on Nov 30, 07 | 10:37 pm

We were also doing Tennessee Highballs, Carbombs (half a pint of guinness with a dropped shooter of baileys and jamieson, Jagerbombs, somethings I can't recollect before we hit the Stoli...

Some of the girls had crashed by then... Next day people were walkinfg dead, slurring, with tongues stuck to the roof of their mouths, fading, dying, wilting, expired energiser bunnies, the red-power-light dimming behind their eyes as they ground to a halt...

Posted by: expat@large on Dec 01, 07 | 12:03 am

Commuters probably.

Posted by: Dick on Dec 01, 07 | 1:35 am

No, not commuters (though a good call) but clinical support and sales staff on our booth during the most important conference/exhibition of the year...

One of the girls was an incomprehensible zombie. Talking to her was like watching and listening to a wind-up-toy run out of its coiled spring... "We had too murlch furrrble oobbboooooorrrrrrrr..." motionless silence ensues as her head sinks to her chest.

We called her Slurpie after that. She had to go buy some mind-awakening pharmaceuticals on a street corner...

Still, when your booth is down the back, miles away from the crowds of potential customers, who cares about a few dastardly hangovers?

Posted by: expat@large on Dec 01, 07 | 3:03 am


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