A phrase I used the other day "my fast, mumbling, Aussie accent", kept reminding me of something...

I finally recall what it was.

Frank Zappa, when asked to describe his guitar playing, referred to it as

"zorch, stroking, fast and bulbous."

Classic dadaesque iconoclastic phrase.


p.s. All you older blokes, remember to let your doctor stick his finger up your bum at least once a year.

I hope he strokes it fast and doesn't find it bulbous, or you may need zorching.

Message brought to you by the Prostate Cancer Awareness Society.


Posted by: expat@large on Nov 26, 07 | 11:30 pm | Profile


I'm guessing, given your medical connections and high esteem within your company, that you have a business class finger with the nails trimmed and a modicum of callouses on the fingers.
Try economy fingering and see if you want that once a year!

Posted by: DanPloy on Nov 27, 07 | 2:59 am

SSooooo, you only got the one hand up there Doc? Movie?

Posted by: expat@large on Nov 27, 07 | 7:33 am

forget the movie..where the hell are you, sugar?

Posted by: savannah on Nov 27, 07 | 8:11 am

How could anyone forget Fletch?

I am in Chiiiiiiiiii-caaaaaaaa-gooooooo...

Windy city, mighty pretty, my kind of town...

Posted by: expat@large on Nov 27, 07 | 4:30 pm


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