I Want To Live In Another World

This one is driving me CRA-AZEE!

Rather than doing something useful like sorting my clothes for a 2 week trip to frigid climes, I have been techno-wrestling© with my personal electronic devices.

For some reason, everytime I tried to get all my flight details from the "appointment" (since when is a flight an appointment?) in Outlook across PCSynch (SCREAM!!! another long, sad blog post has been bubbling for several months on this nightmare, watch this space) onto the Calendar of the Nokia E61i phone it screws it up. Why do I want my schedule on the phone? Because I can! Or at least I should be able to!

Then I'll be set to wander around the Newark terminal buildings looking for the right flight at the right time, getting my connecting shuttle to Chicago as I play with an electronic device like everybody else. I don't want to stick out, for people to think I am a terrorist or something.

Yeah, I know I have a slip of paper with the flights on them, my e-ticket, but who uses paper to read these days? I just want it on the phone, OK?

The problem was it kept giving me the *wrong time*! It was consistently one hour out each time I synched. I'd delete the appointment on both phone and laptop and repeat the torture (see future post on PCSynch). Still an hour out on the phone. In fact there were now TWO appointments (flights) for the same thing on the laptop, one at the right time and one at the wrong time, while there was only one on the phone. WTF?

I checked to confirm that the Home Cities for laptop and phone were both Singapore, that the times on the phone and the computer were synchronised...

What the mothering fuck is going ON?

Delete, re-enter, re-synch. Wrong again. Re-sigh.

Eventually I went deep into the phone and saw that the Time-Zone for Singapore on the phone was set at +9hrs from GMT! What planet is this phone on? How the blue hell did that happen? Is it an operating system fault? Is Nokia running on some Finnish variation of NOW? And the big question: How do I change it to the right zone?

... thinks ...

Phew, that wasn't so hard, I just reselected Singapore as the home city and it altered the Time-Zone to the correct one, at GMT+8hrs...

Then I used PCSynch (wait for the post, I might write it on the plane tomorrow) once again, and it seemed to work.

Oops, nope; it's deleted the appointment from both phone and laptop.

I re-enter it, again, and, re-sigh, re-synch.

FIII-III-III-nally! There it is, diplayed accurately, correctly... exactly as it says on the piece of paper.



Posted by: expat@large on Nov 24, 07 | 12:47 am | Profile


You were supposed to tell me when you were back in town!

Posted by: knobby on Nov 24, 07 | 3:49 pm

Whatever happened to that (paper) notebook that my husband gave you? Did it crash? Was it attacked by a virus? Did it fail to hotsynch with your pen?

Posted by: Hairydonut2 on Nov 26, 07 | 6:23 pm

Maybe he ran out of ink?

Posted by: Indiana on Nov 26, 07 | 7:49 pm

Knobby - um. I'm back in 2 weeks. sorry.

HD2: It's still there, its unwrittien novel looming ominously in my psyche while supporting a pile of unread novels on my desk. But it's a NOTEBOOK, not a DIARY. For writing novels in, not for quickly checking flight details.

Indy: is there a joke in there somewhere? 'Ink' as a euphemism for ...?

Posted by: expat@large on Nov 26, 07 | 8:01 pm


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