Slow Learner

You peoples have no idea how this cartoon - from The Onion a few years ago, and which I cannot find to link to now - how this cartoon so completely summarises a certain period of my life...

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Sigh. Those were the days... apart from the punk bit - I was a "surfie".



Posted by: expat@large on Nov 23, 07 | 7:34 pm | Profile


I would probably never have learned about sex if it hadn't been for girls.

Posted by: Dick on Nov 23, 07 | 11:35 pm

My first sexual experience was very traumatic, it scared me for life. It was late, it was dark and I was all alone...

Posted by: expat@large on Nov 24, 07 | 9:34 am

Man, I've been there!

I remember when I was first with my ex-we compared notes on girls from our old high school. Turns out more than a few that I thought were un attainable turned out to be the biggest tramps since Delilah!

Posted by: Skippy-san on Nov 24, 07 | 8:49 pm

True stroy for me - years later I hooked up with the girl... It was destiny!

Posted by: expat@large on Nov 26, 07 | 7:52 pm


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