As Requested: Christopher Hitchens Pole-Dancing


Phuket, New Year 2005/6. Original photo courtesy* Spike)

This previously unpublished photo MAY have been Photoshopped (poorly) a little to protect the guilty...

(Context: See Dick's post here and his comment here.)


* do you actually have to ask for it to be a courtesy?


Posted by: expat@large on Nov 16, 07 | 2:32 pm | Profile


As long as I get the proper credit, you don't need to ask. Note that the link you provided won't work because that's a pre "redux" post.

Posted by: spike on Nov 16, 07 | 3:20 pm

Do'h! There were some great pics and stories there. Only on my RSS feeders memory now...

(And soon to be gone as I am changing laptops soon. For one that actually works.)

Posted by: expat@large on Nov 16, 07 | 10:23 pm

Trust Christopher to make a fool of himself. One of my pet peeves....farang who get on know who you are.

Posted by: Dick on Nov 16, 07 | 11:07 pm

AAwwwww, it was New Years...

Note the wide stance and concerned look of someone whose Viagra hasn't kicked in yet...

Posted by: expat@large on Nov 16, 07 | 11:20 pm

Yeah well maybe I'm a purist. Hate having my reverie shattered. I'm one of the grumpy old sods who gets up and leaves when it happens. Check bin kap.

Posted by: Dick on Nov 17, 07 | 12:51 am

Certainly living up to their Thai nom-de-plume of 'Chuck Warr'!

Posted by: DanPloy on Nov 17, 07 | 4:06 am

Dick: Hitch would have left too, but it was a long jump from the stage to the floor...

I agree, a tradition more honored in the breach than the observance. But Hitch was actually called up on stage by a very gorgeous if drunken farang woman (from Manchester) with white knickers who wanted a threesome with her boyfriend the girl on Hitch's right. It seemed like a good idea at the time, as do most embarassing, career and/or credibility destroying decisions. Like switching from left wing to right wing...

Danploy: bloody farangs! Crazy people!

Posted by: expat@large on Nov 17, 07 | 10:22 am

I like the one in the background (with white shorts).

I would pole-dance with her any day (in the nude).


Posted by: Ron - Nude King on Nov 17, 07 | 3:20 pm

Ron: me too: I'm thinking, maybe there was something off-putting about her face on the night... I ended up with someone else. But had to do a bit of cutting and pasting to get her butt into the photo... (sshhh!)

Posted by: expat@large on Nov 17, 07 | 9:47 pm

Ah, so it was only a temporary lapse in go-go etiquette. The dreaded Farang Woman On Stage scared you into compliance no doubt. All is forgiven. The Bangkok nightlife has gone so far downhill in recent years it hardly matters. There used to be a certain ritual decorum attached to these matters…gone for ever alas.

Posted by: Dick on Nov 17, 07 | 11:20 pm

Oops, that should bread 'scared Hitch into compliance'...

Posted by: Dick on Nov 17, 07 | 11:22 pm

Aah Bangkok maybe, but this was Phuket. Sex and go-go bar dancing don't count in Phuket.

Posted by: expat@large on Nov 18, 07 | 12:55 am

Aaah, that explains it. I haven't been to Phuket for a while. Probably more farang on stage there than Thais these days.

Posted by: Dick on Nov 18, 07 | 1:49 am

Posted by: savannah on Nov 20, 07 | 1:54 am


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