Happy Or Not?

Oh. My. God. This is better than whorrorscope any old day...

If you scored below 24 on Presence and also above 24 on Search, you probably do not feel your life has a valued meaning and purpose, and you are actively searching for something or someone that will give your life meaning or purpose. You are probably not always satisfied with your life. You may not experience emotions like love and joy that often. You may occasionally, or even often, feel anxious, nervous, or sad and depressed. You are probably questioning the role of religion in your life, and may be working hard to figure out whether there is a God, what life on Earth is really about, and which, if any, religion is right for you. People who know you would probably describe you as liking to play things by ear, or “go with the flow” when it comes to plans, occasionally worried, and not particularly socially active. (Emphasis mine)

You just gotta take these tests... You have to register but, like, you know you need more psychological spam.



Posted by: expat@large on Nov 09, 07 | 12:08 am | Profile


Why did I even bother? It says I engage in religious activities. I guess I approach the business of falling in love with a some what religious fervour.

Posted by: isabella on Nov 09, 07 | 1:40 pm

"You are probably questioning the role of religion in your life, and may be working hard to figure out whether there is a God"


And Izzy...there is a certain dogmatic approach to falling in love :-) just as long as you don't inherit the Catholic guilt as well.

Posted by: Indiana on Nov 09, 07 | 1:55 pm

Iz: I am sure they meant you engage in activities religiously. Except for cello lessons.

Indy: Still working hard, working hard, hang on, nearly there, working, straining hard...

BBrrrrrrrrrppppppp.... Ah that's better. Yep, I've finally got it.

There is no God. It was just wind in the trees.

Posted by: expat@large on Nov 09, 07 | 2:06 pm

ok, so i took the authentic happiness inventory test score of 1 - 5, i was 2.96. . .

in the parlance of our times: whatever

Posted by: savannah on Nov 10, 07 | 8:51 pm

The problem with these psychological test is that they don't actually measure what they say they are measuring.

They are measuring *how you answer questions* about the thing they say they are measuring.

They are not measuring "your happiness" per se, they are measuring your response to certain incredibly value-laden questions about "your happiness".


Computer. Are you happy?

THX1138. (looks around nervously) ... umm, what do you mean, happy? Uum what should I say? What if someone is tracking that this is me talking? Do you mean Happy as in blissful? Happy as in satisfied? Happy as in not currently suicidal?

Computer: Can you be more... specific?

THX1138: So, OK let's say Yes?

Computer: You answered YES. Congratulations, THX1138. You are happy.

Scientific Theory: 100% of respondents are happy.

Socio-Political Change: None. The Prozac is working.

Posted by: expat@large on Nov 11, 07 | 4:58 pm


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